How To Fix “There Was A Problem Verifying Your Email Address” On Steam

Whatever the service may be, verifying the email address is one of the mandatory steps to ensure the user’s identity and security.

When it comes to Steam, an excellent client for launching video games on PC, it also uses the Email verification method to improve the security of your account.

Verifying process is a widely appreciated method. However, Steam users face issues while verifying their email addresses with Steam getting the error message “There was a Problem Verifying your Email Address.”

In this article, you will understand why you cannot verify your email and how to fix the Error “There was a Problem Verifying your Email Address”.

Let’s get started.

What Causes “There Was A Problem Verifying Your Email Address” Error On Steam

Steam support error

 If you are getting the “There was a Problem Verifying Your Email Address Steam” error on Steam, you have yet to receive the email verification link in your inbox, as the steam server couldn’t find the email entered by you.

 Here are the highest possible reasons why you cannot verify your email address with Steam

  • Typo error in the email address
  • You entered a wrong email address
  • Probably you are checking the alternate email address inbox
  • You received the mail in the Spam folder
  • The Steam server is down. 
  • Issue with Internet
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Now you know the reason.

Let’s see the solution to the Problem of Verifying Your Email Address.

How To Fix “There Was A Problem Verifying Your Email Address” On Steam

Steam verification error Verify email address 1

Before heading to your mail for the verification process on Steam, ensure you have a stable internet connection and are using the active email Id.

Let’s see the troubleshooting process step by step

1. Ensure That Your Mail Account Is Active

Due to some reason, a mail service provider might suspend your account after you have created the Steam account with the mail ID. 

So, you cannot use the Inactive mail in the steam account for verification. You need to change the mail ID associated with your steam account. 

2. Check The Steam Server Status

Steam error Server status

Check whether the Steam server is Live status. If it is down or there is any issue with the Steam verification module, you won’t receive the Verification link from Steam. 

You can check the Server status here:

You will be updated if there any serious error with Steam server.

3. Recheck Your Entered Mail Address

There is a higher chance that the entered mail ID might have a Typo error. 

My common mistake while typing mail is typing “2” instead of “@”, or You might have mistakenly entered the space. 

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So recheck your entered mail Id carefully and again request verification on Steam. 

4. You Might Land In The Wrong Mail Inbox

Having multiple accounts logged in on a mobile or system is common.

You might have enabled another mail as your primary inbox instead of the entered mail Id as you have multiple Mail accounts.

Check your Mail account, and ensure you use the correct mail ID as your Primary inbox. If not, switch to the mail ID associated with your steam account. Now you can see the Steam verification link there.

5. Check Your Spam Folder On Your Mail Account

You have entered the perfect mail ID and landed in the ideal mail account, then check the spam folder.

You might have received the steam verification link in your Spam folder. 

If you see the mail in the spam folder, click on the “Not a spam” option and move it to the inbox to avoid receiving the Steam Verification error in the future.

6. Change Your Email Address And Create New Steam Account

Everything is fine. 

You have entered the exact mail ID, landed into the accurate Mail account and checked the Spam folder; you still need help locating the verification link in your Mailbox. Then the final option is to change your mail ID. 

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If you don’t have an alternate, create a new mail ID and a new steam account with the unique mail ID. 

Now you can verify your account and enjoy steam service.

If you want to use the same mail ID since you have purchased or subscribed to any game plan, then contact Steam support. 

You can raise a ticket on the Steam community forum. Don’t worry; since you have previously used the mail ID on your Steam account, the team will help you recover your account.

Here is the support team link, and raise your ticket here:

I hope you find this article helpful and found solution to your problem on “There Was a Problem Verifying Your Email Address Steam”. 

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