How To Fix “There Was A Problem Removing This IPhone From Your Account” On IPhone

Are you getting “There was a problem removing this iPhone from your account” while sign out from Apple ID?

We live in a smartphone world, and Apple is one of the most well-known brands on the planet and one of the most widely-used products. 

There’s no wonder why people fall in love with their iPhones and want them to last. 

However, despite its fantastic technology, you must remove your iPhone from the iCloud account when you want to change or give away your iPhone. 

When you try to sign out of your Apple ID, you get the following error message: “Could not sign out – There was a problem removing this iPhone from your account, Try signing out again.”

This blog will look at some of these problems and see how Apple is responding to these device issues.

What Causes “There Was A Problem Removing This IPhone From Your Account” Error?


“There Was a Problem Removing This iPhone From Your Account” error occurs when you have a network issue, your iPhone might have any software glitches or your ID profile is grayed out.

Here are the possible reason why you unable to remove your iPhone from your iCloud

  • Network Error
  • Forgotten your password
  • Something went wrong with your iPhone settings
  • Verification failed and Unable to connect with iCloud.

Let’s see How to fix “There was a problem by removing the iPhone from your account ”.

How To Fix “There Was A Problem Removing This IPhone From Your Account” In Your IPhone?

Most of the time, you can sign out your iPhone by troubleshooting following network errors.

Let’s see the step-by-step instructions:

1. Turn ON And Turn OFF Your iPhone Network

If you use the cellular network, Turn Off and Turn On your Network.

If you are using the WiFi network, try resting your Router.

You can also try using a different cellular network to sign out from your account.

If it doesn’t work, then put your mobile on Airplane mode and lock your Device.

Wait 30 seconds. Turn Off your Airplane mode and Turn On your network connection.

Now you can sign out and remove your iPhone from your account.

2. Reset Your Network Setting in Your IPhone

Resetting your Network setting disconnects your iPhone from WiFi connections and removes saved passwords.

Go to “Settings >> Tap on “General >> Scroll down your screen to the bottom and Tap on Reset >> Now Tap on “Reset Network settings.

Now freshly connect to your WiFi network and try if you could sign out from iCloud.

3. Restart Your iPhone Device

Restart your iPhone to remove any communication glitches inside the Device.

  • Go to “Settings>> tap On “General >> Scroll down and Tap on “Shutdown”.
  • Next, Swipe the Power icon to the right to shut down your Device
  • Wait for a few seconds and Turn On your Device again.

Now you can sign out from your Device successfully.

If it doesn’t work, then 

Force restart your iPhone,

To force restart your iPhone, manually power off it instead of shutting it down. Then remove your iPhone from your account.

If you have already Signed out from iCloud using the browser and not reflected in the iPhone, restarting your Device will help you to update the account.

4. Disable Low-Power Mode On Your IPhone

A low-power mode setting will restrict some programs from running since they consume more power.

 Disabling Low power mode helps your mobile to remove restrictions on any app, and it will help you to remove your iPhone from your account.

To Disable Low power mode,

  • Go to “Settings and Tap on “General
  • Find and Tap on “Battery
  • Now Turn off “Low power mode if it is enabled.
  • Once done, try to sign out from your iCloud.

 Many users reported that they could sign out of the iCloud after disabling low-power mode. 

5. Make Sure Your IPhone Device Is Up-to-date

If your iPhone is not updated to the latest version, the modules required to log out your iPhone from your account may not work.

So update your Device.

Go to “Settings>>Tap on “General >> Tap on Software Update under About section.

If an update is available, Tap on an update to download the updates.

Wait until the process completes, and try to remove your iPhone from the account.

6. Turn On “Set Automatically For Date And Time Setting” On Your IPhone

Time server plays a major role in any actions with the Internet.

Refresh your iPhone’s Automatic time and Date option by Restarting the time server.

To restart the time server, Go to “Settings” >> Tap on “General” >> Find and Go to “Date and Time” >> Turn OFF and Turn ON “Set automatically.”

Now try removing your iPhone from your account. 

7. Check ICloud Back Up Setting On IPhone

If your Device backup is in process, you cannot sign out from your ID.

Instead, you get an error message “You can’t sign out your Apple ID because your phone is being restored.”

To sign out, you need to cancel the backup process or wait until the process is completed.

Go to “Settings” >> Click on “iCloud >>Toggle “OFF iCloud back up.” 

It is up to you whether you need to wait or Click on “Stop Restoring” from the pop-up screen.

8. Check Your Screen Time Restriction In Your IPhone

Screen Time restrictions sometimes block the ability to sign out your iPhone from your account.

So check and disable it, if the screen Time restriction is on.

Go to “Settings >> Tap on “Screen Time >> Toggle off “Privacy And Content Restriction.” 

Now any restriction by Screen time settings will be removed. Now you can remove your iPhone successfully from your iCloud account.

9. Reset All Settings In Your IPhone

If nothing in the above the steps, reset all your iPhone settings. 

It will refresh the entire iPhone settings and remove technical glitches inside the Device.

  • Tap on “General from Settings app >> Tap on Reset” >> Select “Reset all settings.
  • Enter your phone password, and again Tap on Reset all settings from the pop-up screen.

Now restart your mobile and try signing out from iCloud.

10. Factory Reset Your Device

If the error persists, then Factory Reset your Device.

Ensure you have backed up all your data from your iPhone since the option reset the entire OS and delete any installed app or stored data from your iPhone.

It also removes your ID from your Device; after resetting either, you can create a new Apple ID and use the previous ID to log in.

To Factory Reset your iPhone,

  • Go to “Settings >> Tap on “General >> Tap on “Transfer or Reset iPhone
  • Now Tap on “Erase all content and settings from the screen

After a factory reset, your iPhone will restart, and use the same or another Apple ID to activate your iPhone while setting up.

You can only sign into another account or hand over your phone to someone, if you can sign out of Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad. 

I hope you have finally fixed the error “There Was a Problem Removing This iPhone From Your Account” in your iPhone using the techniques above.