How To Fix The “You Do Not Have An Active GeForce Now Membership” Error On GeForce

Are you troubled with your GeForce Now account on your device?

Maybe you are seeing the error message, “You Do Not Have An Active GeForce Now Membership” every time you are trying to play anything in the GeForce Now app.

This can be utterly frustrating and can make you make a bad gaming experience which can ruin your entire holiday.

Nvidia GeForce Now is a cloud-based gaming platform that you can use on your phone to play GeForcew games.

Due to being an online platform, there can be issues and errors that will ruin its charm for you.

In this article, we will be discussing all the fixes that you can try when you are having activation issues in GeForce Now and will also show you the reasons why you might be encountering them.

What Is The Reason For  “You Do Not Have An Active GeForce Now Membership”?

You Do Not Have An Active GeForce Now Membership Error

There can be a few reasons why you are seeing the error message, “You Do Not Have An Active GeForce Now Membership” when you are trying to play games in GeForce Now on your device.

If you are not using a VPN and your region does not support GeForce Now then you will be seeing this error.

Also if the account is not activated then also you will see this error message in GeForce Now. Every account, even if it is free needs to be manually activated before you can play any game in GeForce Now.

In case you haven’t uninstalled Moonlight on your device thgat could be another reason why you are unable to play in GeForce Now. 

How To Fix The “You Do Not Have An Active GeForce Now Membership”?

In this section, we will look closely at some of the fixes that will allow you to fix the issue of the GeForce Now membership activation error in your device.

1. Use A VPN With Your Device

The first fix that you can try is to download a VPN and then use it to open GeForce on your phone. You need to set the location to a country server that is supported by Nvidia.

You can just select the country that your account is set on if you have an active account on your PC. Otherwise, you can set the location to USA or Canada.

Many regions do not support GeForce Now and you will not be able to use them due to that.

So make sure to download a VPN  and then open GeForce on your phone.

2. Manually Activate The Free Membership In GeForce Now Account

You need to manually activate your membership even if the membership is free. After you have downloaded GeForce Now on your phone you will have to open it and then manually activate the membership from your profile.

Many users have reported that doing this has fixed the issue of GeForce Now membership activation in their app.

3. Use Moonlight

Moonlight for GeForce Now

As an alternate fix, you should download Moonlight and install it on your phone before installing GeForce Now.

Moonlight is an open-source implementation of NVIDIA’s GameStream protocol. It implements the protocols of Nvidia in your phone which allows GeForce Now to run properly on your device.

In case you haven’t installed Moonlight before installing FGeForce you need to do it and then open GeForce.

4. Contact Nvidia Support Team

After trying all the fixes above you should be able to open GeForce without having the Membership activation error.

However, if you are still having issues with the GeForce Now app on your device then please contact the Nvidia Support Team and they will be able to help you out.