How To Fix Taco Bell Rewards Not Working

Are you facing an issue with your Taco Bell rewards and looking for a fix?

If So, You have come to the right place. First, you should understand how the Taco Bell Reward work.

When you make qualified purchases using your Taco Bell account, you will earn points to unlock free products and special deals. 

You’ll also get early access to new products and other surprises along the road!

Everyone who uses the Taco Bell mobile app or as a logged-in user earns rewards.

Despite the good reward system, users cannot access the rewards and find difficulty in getting earning rewards and redeeming Taco Bell Rewards.

In this article, you will get a handy guide to fix the problem – Taco Bell App keeps Crashing and the reason behind it.

Why Are Taco Bell Rewards Not Working?

Taco Bell App

Taco Bell Rewards Not Working means you haven’t used the point for 6 months or have not reached enough points to make a purchase, or there might be an issue with the Application.

Taco Bell rewards not working includes everything in the reward system, from earning reward points to redeeming the reward point to make purchase.

Other possible reasons are

  • The earned point might be expired
  • You have not bought the eligible item to get the reward point
  • The points may not be added to your account, or you might log into the wrong account.
  • There might be an issue with cache memory or the application file
  • Issue with Taco Bell server.

How To Fix Taco Bell Rewards Not Working?

Before getting into the fix, ensure you have logged into the correct account if you have multiple accounts.

Check your username and confirm your profile identity.

Second, check you have a stable internet connection. 

It would help if you had at least 300 KB speed to load any page on the Application.

You can see the speed at the top of your mobile near your Network bar.

If not, turn off and On your Mobile data.

If you still have a low network speed turn off and ON aeroplane mode to fix the issue.

If you are using the WiFi, Power off and Power ON your Router, launch the Tacko Bell App, and see if the problem is fixed.

If not, then follow the troubleshooting step.

1. Check Taco Bell Server Status

The first step is to check the Taco Bell Server Status.

Because sometimes, you will face the issue if the server is under maintenance.

The Application seems to be working fine, but the team might be working on the Reward module. So first, confirm the Taco Bell Server Status.

Click the link here to check the server status.

You see a notification in red if it is down or under maintenance. 

No need to worry; the Technical team will fix any critical issue as soon as possible. Try launching the App after 2 hours, and you will see the error is gone.

The good part is you will get to know if there is any other problem with the Application in the user discussion section.

If the Taco Bell reward is still not working, you must check the Reward points.

2. Check Your Reward Page After 48 Hours

Sometimes reward points get credited within two hours, in other hand, it will take up to 2 days.

Before coming to any conclusion, wait 48 hours to complete and check your reward system.

After two days, you can see your reward point Taco Bell App.

3. Check The Order Is Eligible For A Reward Point

If you are yet to get the reward point, there is an issue with your ordered product.

Not all items in the Taco Bell application is eligible for reward point.

You won’t get the reward point since you have ordered an item which is not qualified for the reward point.

You will not get reward Points for Taco Bell merchandise, alcohol, charity donations, gift card purchases, taxes, and fees.

4. Check Weather Your Reward Point Is Expired

Unless you convert the earned point into an reward within 6 months, your points will expire after 6 months. For Example, If you earn 50 Points on April 21, those 50 Points will expire on September 1 if you do not receive a Reward by then.

As a result, the Taco Bell reward is Not working with the expired point.

Also, you should have minimum of 250 points to redeem your reward.

5. Restart Your Device

If there is no above mentioned issue with the reward points, you need to check your device and application performance.

Close all the applications and Power off your device.

Wait for Two minutes and Power On your Device again.

Restarting the device will fix any technical glitches between the Application and OS.

Now relaunch your Taco App and check if the error is gone.

6. Clear Taco Bell App Cache Memory

All temporary data and files will be stored in the cache memory.

If there is any corrupted data stored in the cache memory will affect the Application’s performance, and your reward module may not work. So it would help, if you clear the cache memory to see your reward update.

To clear cache memory

For ios

  • Go to Settings ( the App with the gear icon ) and Click On Generals
  • Click on iPhone Storage and give some time to load app lists under storage Graph
  • Find and click on the Taco Bell app.
  • Click on the Offload app Button on the opened screen.
  • Offloading the App will free up the storage space used by the App.

For Android Device

  • Open Settings application and Click on Apps
  • Click on the All Apps option in the opened screen
  • You will get all the apps listed
  • Scroll down and click on the Taco Bell Application
  • Click on storage in the Taco Bell Application screen
  • Now Click on Clear cache.

It will help you free up the app space and help it run smoothly and safely.

Now Exit the settings and try launching the Taco Bell App and see if the error is gone.

6. Update Taco Bell App To The Latest Version

Still Taco Reward Not Working?

Then you must update the Taco Bell App To the Latest Version.

The updated version will roll out new fixes and make some changes in the module.

So If the App requests anything from the changed module, it cannot find the data, or the outdated version can’t load the data from the server. 

That’s why it is important to update the App.


  • Go to App Store>> Tab on Profile at the right top corner of the App>> Scroll down and click see pending update and release note >> Find and click on Taco Bell app >> Click on Update near the Application.

For Android

  • Click on Play Store >> Type Taco Bell in the Search Bar >> Click on the Update button next to the Taco Bell application.

Now restart your device, launch the Taco Bell app, access it for some time, and see if the error is gone.

If none of the above methods works, the final step is contacting Taco App customer service.

Fill out the Contact Us form Taco App, or send us a direct message at @TacoBellCare on Twitter or Taco Bell on Facebook, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.