How To Fix Starfield The Audition Bug

Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim creators With Starfield, award-winning Bethesda Game Studios has introduced a brand new setting for the first time in more than 25 years.

The action role-playing game Starfield was produced by the Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Game Studios businesses.

The game, which is set in a space-themed environment, is Bethesda’s first original creative creation in 25 years.

Let’s talk about the audition bug in Starfield and how you can fix it easily.

What Causes Starfield’s Audition Bug

There are a lot of players who are facing problems while playing the StartField game.

The Audition quest bug has started occurring, ruining the experience for many.

Here we are talking, about the details and explanation of the Audition bug in Starfield.

The bug in auditions Many gamers have come across this problem while playing the game because it is prevalent.

When you accompany Andrea to Briggs after leaving Madame Sauvage’s house and then come back after some time, the bug appears. As a result of the NPCs’ bugs, you won’t be able to interact with them or finish the objective.

There are two bugs that are causing this mission to fail. One of them prevents the player from opening the door and approaching Briggs, while the other merely displays the phrase “Individual is busy” each time the player tries to speak with Briggs.

There are two bugs with the quest

  • The door is locked.
  • NPCs are busy and won’t talk to you or progress the quest.

In this article, we are talking about a simple solution to fix the audition bug in StartField.

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How To Fix Starfield’s Audition Bug?

There are various ways to fix the audition bug in Starfield, and in this article, we discuss all of them in detail. 

1. Use Console Commands  

Using console commands will allow you to get around most quest-related bugs, however, doing so will deactivate achievements for the current save. Pressing the tilde (~) key will cause the console command to appear on your screen, allowing you to use this approach. Then, enter tcl. You can no-clip using this specific command. Use it to open the locked door and enter Briggs’ room.

2. Push Andrea Out Towards The Door

The game displays the “Individual is busy” warning when Briggs is engaged in conversation with Andrea, which is another problem that prevents players from interacting with Briggs.

Push Andrea away from Biggs, as demonstrated in this video, and then engage him in conversation to quickly resolve this. Picking up anything will allow players to perform this. Even a garbage can will do.

The next step is to just hold the object and move Andrea toward the door while using it. She will then approach Briggs once more and have a brief chat with him. But after his interaction with Andrea is done, you will be allowed to start a conversation with Briggs this time.

 3. Use Manipulation Skills To Fix The Bug 

Manipulating talent is ideal in this kind of circumstance. It can be triggered by users to have Andrea unlock the door and carry out the task.

Note that the Manipulation skill is a high-tier one, therefore, in order to even have access to it, players must invest roughly Skill Points on the Social skill tree.

Additionally, this ability has no background, so you will have to put in a lot of work. As mentioned by a player in the Reddit forum, you may also use the Ryujin neuroamp and have Andrea unlock the door if you prefer that option.

Having said that, the quest bug ought to be fixed if you use the suggested remedies. 

4. Shoot The Bartender

This particular workaround relates to the second stage of the mission, where a problem prevents the player from meeting Briggs since they are trapped in the room.

There is a solution to get around this flaw. The bartender needs to be hurt, so do that. She only needed a fast gunshot to complete the task. Just keep in mind: hurt her, not kill her.

5. Contact Support Team

If none of the aforementioned fixes resolves the issue, you might have to wait for a patch from Bethesda to address it. For any updates or notifications on the bug, visit their official website or social media accounts. If you haven’t already, you may also get in touch with their support team and report the bug.