How To Fix “Something Went Wrong To Continue Linking Your EA Account” Error

Are you getting error “something went wrong to continue linking your EA account, head back and start over” while linking your EA account?

If you’re a gamer and a fan of Electronic Arts (EA), you know that many of their games require an EA account to access various features, such as online play, digital content, and community forums.

However, when attempting to link your EA account, you may encounter an error message stating that “something went wrong to continue linking your EA account, head back and start over“.

This error can be frustrating and may prevent you from accessing certain features of EA games.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common causes of the “something went wrong to continue linking your EA account” error and provide some solutions to help you fix the issue.

The error message typically reads: “Something went wrong To continue linking your EA Account, head back and start over.

What Causes “Something Went Wrong To Continue Linking Your EA Account” Error

something went wrong to continue linking your ea account

The “something went wrong to continue linking your EA account” error message can occur for several reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:

1. EA Server Issues

EA servers can experience downtime or maintenance periods, causing temporary issues while linking your account.

2. Linked Account Already Exists

You might have already linked your EA account to another platform such as Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox, and you’re trying to link it again to a new platform.

In such cases, you will need to unlink the account from other platforms before attempting to link it to a new one.

3. EA Account-related Issues

If your EA account has been banned, suspended, or flagged for suspicious activity, you may not be able to link it to new platforms or access certain features.

If you suspect this is the issue, you will need to contact EA support to resolve the issue.

4. Platform-Specific Issues

Some platforms, such as PlayStation or Xbox, may have their own restrictions or requirements when linking an EA account, which can cause errors.

How To Fix “Something Went Wrong To Continue Linking Your EA Account” Error

1. Check EA’s Server Status

Before attempting any other fix, check if the EA servers are up and running. You can visit the official EA website or their social media handles to check the status of their servers.

To check the status of EA servers, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the EA Help website ( using your preferred web browser.
  • Click on the “EA Status” tab on the top of the page.
  • You will be directed to the EA server status page, which displays the current status of all EA services, including games, apps, and online features.
  • Look for the game or service you are trying to access, and check its status. If the status is “Up and Running,” then the issue is likely with your account or device. If the status is “Limited” or “Offline,” then the issue is likely with the EA servers, and you will need to wait until the issue is resolved.
  • If you’re still unsure about the status of EA servers or if you’re experiencing an issue that is not listed on the server status page, you can try contacting EA support for further assistance.

2. Unlink Your EA Accounts From Other Platforms

If you’ve linked your EA account to too many platforms such as PlayStation or Xbox, you’ll need to unlink some accounts before trying again.

To do this, log in to your account on the EA website and go to the “Connected Accounts” section.

From there, you can select the accounts you want to unlink.

3. Verify Your EA Account

If the platform is not experiencing technical difficulties, the next thing you should do is verify your EA account.

To do this, log in to your account on the EA website and make sure all the information is correct.

You should also verify your email address if you haven’t already done so.

4. Try Using EA Application In A Sandbox

A sandbox is an isolated testing environment that allows you to test and run applications without affecting the rest of your system.

While using a sandbox can be helpful in some situations, it may not necessarily fix the underlying issue with your EA account.

5. Close Origin And Try Again

if you’re experiencing issues with Origin itself, closing and reopening the application may help resolve the issue.

Once you have closed Origin using the Task Manager, you can reopen it and try linking your EA account again.

Here are the steps to close the Origin application using the Task Manager in Windows:

  • Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys on your keyboard simultaneously.
  • Click on “Task Manager” from the options that appear on your screen.
  • In the Task Manager window, locate the “Origin” application from the list of running processes.
  • Click on the “Origin” process to highlight it, then click on the “End Task” button at the bottom-right corner of the Task Manager window.
  • Confirm that you want to end the process by clicking on the “End Process” button in the confirmation pop-up window.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the Origin application to fully close.

6. Follow Platform-Specific Instructions

If you’re linking your EA account to a specific platform, such as PlayStation or Xbox, ensure that you’re following their instructions and requirements correctly.

7. Uninstalling And Reinstalling EA App

Uninstalling and reinstalling EA games may help resolve certain issues, such as corrupted game files or installation errors, but it may not necessarily fix the issue of linking your EA account.

Steps for Uninstalling and Reinstalling EA games:

  • Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type “appwiz.cpl” into the Run dialog box and press Enter.
  • In the Programs and Features window, locate and select the EA game you want to uninstall.
  • Click on the “Uninstall” button at the top of the window.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to uninstall the game from your system.
  • Once the game is uninstalled, restart your computer.
  • Go to the official EA website ( and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the “My Games” section of your account and find the game you want to reinstall.
  • Download and install the game using the official download link and follow the on-screen prompts.

8. Contact EA Customer Support

If none of the above steps resolves the issue, you can contact EA’s customer support for assistance. They may be able to provide additional troubleshooting steps or resolve any account-related issues.

To contact EA Customer use the link given below :