How To Fix “Server Is Currently Full” In World War 3

World War 3 is a free-to-play tactical online multiplayer FPS in which the whole world serves as your battlefield.

With a massive array of weapons, vehicles, gadgets, and drones at your disposal, outgun the adversary in exhilarating team-based conflicts.

However, lot of players encountering certain gameplay and technical issues while playing.

Are you getting “server is currently full World War 3” error in world war 3?

Lot of player getting same error.

The full error is “server is currently full“.

Second part of the error is “You are 538* in the queue” followed by “Estimated waiting time: 30 min*”.

Followed by “Game will start automatically as soon as it is your turn“.

In this article, we will discuss why does Name Change Failed error occurred in World War 3 and how to fix it.

Why Does Server Is Currently Full Error Occurred In World War 3?

You are getting server is currently full error in World War 3 because ww3 server is overcrowded.

A lot of player try to enter into WW3 game at the same time.

As ww3 server is overloaded and can’t handle the traffic.

You may encounter some delays in having items and UNC moved from your online Inventory into the game due to the volume of queries being performed.

server is currently full World War 3

As many players reporting the issue on Twitter and other thread.

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“Does this happen to anyone else? Sat in a queue for 30 min just to get booted”

“Wish I was there when these issues were few and far between. Paid for this game have come and gone on 3 separate occasions and every time I come back I can’t get into a match or queue as a party with my friends.”

“I fixed this but then got to the username screen and got stuck. I ran steam as administrator and then each time I hit retry, it loaded more and then I got into the game.”

How To Fix “Server Is Currently Full” In World War 3?

To Fix server is currently full in World War 3, wait for your turn, after that game will start automatically.

Because currently game is overcrowded as lot of players try to get into the game at once.

Alternatively, Wait until World War 3 maintenance is complete If server is down.


The developers are aware of the very high load being put on the servers, as a result, the servers are working slower to meet the request/response demands.

As a result, the following issues are expected:


  • Setting the username can be delayed. Please let the screen have some time to perform its function. Also wait a bit after the first attempt, it will work just a bit later
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  • Timeouts and authentication are a result of the game/server not receiving the correct data on time. Therefore, let the timeouts run for 30-60 seconds and then try again.


  • Every action under friends tab and party matchmaking will take longer to respond. Please do not rush into a game, let the master server update the info it needs to place you into a game


  • While solo this should be impacted the least. If in party, read above. However, take care not to rush through the menu as it may give you a [151] error

Thank you for your patience, we hope these issues are resolved as quickly as possible!

According to the ww3 game’s official blog, you may encounter certain gameplay and technical difficulties.

This is owing to the game’s free-to-play release attracting a large number of players.

The increased number of players has overburdened the game’s servers.

World War 3’s developers are continually monitoring player feedback and problems.

As they attempt to resolve these problems, the game may need more regular maintenance.

Patches and updates will be made available on a regular basis.

After that you can update the game to latest version.

After performing above fixes If you’re still having issue then you can contact support team:

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Alternatively, you can also contact them on Twitter:

Also, you can join the Discord server:

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