Fix: RTC Connecting Discord

RTC connecting discord

The Google RTC service was made available to the general public in 2011. In order to make it easier to implement audio and video transmission programs for web browsers, mobile apps, and Internet of Things devices, the RTC team created the RTC framework.

As a result of a problem with the WebRTC protocol in Discord, the chat programs display an error message that reads, “RTC Connecting.” There was a problem establishing a connection to a remote server, as shown by the error notification displayed on Discord’s interface.

As previously mentioned, an outdated network adapter driver may be to blame for this issue if you’re utilizing a device with a bad internet connection. This is made feasible through RTC, a web networking protocol that allows for real-time speech and video transmission.

With the Google Real-Time Communications (RTC) service, which was launched in 2011, it is now feasible to transmit real-time audio, video, and data over the web and native browsers.

What Does “RTC” Stand For?

RTC stands for Real-Time Chat. An effort to establish an RTC connection is referred to as “RTC Connecting.”

A number of discussions can take place at the same time thanks to the Real-Time Chat technology provided by Discord (aka WebRTC).

As a result, the network is experiencing an increase in the number of customers falling asleep while “RTC Connecting.”

What Does RTC Connecting On Discord Mean?

When RTC is connected, Discord makes advantage of the Real-Time Chat protocol to enable simultaneous communication (or WebRTC). When you see “RTC connected” on Discord, this typically means that the WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) protocol is unable to establish a connection between you and the Discord servers, preventing your audio chat from taking place.

It indicates that you have placed a phone call. If that does not work after a few minutes, change your server area. When all other options have been exhausted, you may wish to switch off all of your mobile devices and see if this helps. Alternatively, if it does not work, you can file a bug report on the appropriate discord server.

To function properly, Discord requires the WebRTC protocol. Your Discord server will almost certainly fail to connect if you see the message “RTC Connecting,” which indicates that it is unable to connect to this protocol.

It essentially means that you are unable to connect to your servers due to a network outage or instability.

Rather than a Discord outage, the RTC connecting Discord error is frequently triggered by a problem with a user’s local network. Restarting your computer reconnects it to your local network, which is a solid first step.

After restarting the machine and establishing a steady internet connection, your Discord audio conversation will be completely functional.

What Causes RTC Connecting Issue On Discord? 

We must first understand why a Discord connection becomes stuck before we can figure out how to resolve it:

1. Unstable Internet Connection

If the internet access is weak, RTC link attempts may end soon. People are always looking for a secure connection.

2. IP Addresses That Change Frequently

Discord will not function properly if your VPN constantly keeps changing your IP address.

3. Without UDP, A VPN Is Not Possible

VPNs that don’t employ the User Datagram Protocol(UDP) aren’t supported by Discord.

4. Antivirus Has Quarantined Discord

If your antivirus application flags a Discord document as potentially harmful, you won’t be able to connect.

5. Server Problems

You will be unable to access a Discord chat if the server in your region becomes unable to establish a connection.

6. The Admin Might Have Disabled Discord

If you attempt to access Discord at work or on a school network, you can be barred from doing so.

7. The Network Doesn’t Allow QoS

It’s possible that your network is really not capable of maintaining Higher Transmission Priority Service quality. Users may switch it off in the Audio & Video settings, which is a good thing.

8. Wifi Connection Is Weak

Distance of the devices does matter for better connectivity. When you keep the Wifi router and the devices at a distance, there are chances that the wifi signal will not be good. 

9. DNS Network Problems

Sometimes due to DNS server issues, you might face loitering despite having a good connection. 

10. Discord Server Not Available

At times, for maintenance work or other issues, the server has been put down by the admin. 

11. Discord App Requires Update

When the discord app is updated, it adds some new features that involve better stability and performance. So the app must be updated to run smoothly. 

How To Fix RTC Connecting Discord Issues? 

There are 13 ways below to fix the RTC connecting Discord issues:

1. Examine The Network Connection

One of the most common reasons for RTC connection problems is the unstable internet. If your connection is slow or frequently breaks down, it will affect you even if you are not using Discord. You’ll probably experience issues with voice applications.

You should require a decent internet connection in order for Discord to run properly. Please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or network administrator for assistance. Tell your ISP about any connection problems you’re having.

2. Devices Should Be Restarted

Restarting the computer will solve the problem. When an IPV6 connection is disrupted by a unique Ip address that changes often, the No Route issue is frequently encountered.

  • Tap the Start icon placed on the bottom-left side of your display.
  • The computer should be turned off. Shutdown can be found by going to the Power button.
  • Start by removing the computer’s battery and disconnecting it from the electric supply. 
  • Remove the present wire from the modem and router on the back of the computer.
  • After around three minutes, restart the devices. Make sure the connections are connected and the lights are turned on.
  • Substitute your computer’s battery and switch it back on.
  • Test now if you really can reconnect to Discord voice servers without encountering the RTC connection problem the next time you launch the app.

3. Your Network Driver Should Be Updated

The error “RTC Connecting” may indicate that your network driver is out of current or malfunctioning. If you can’t recall the last time you changed your drivers, do that immediately since it can save your day.

  • Click Windows + R on your keyboard to bring up the Start dialogue.
  • Enter or copy and paste “Devmgmt.msc” and select OK to launch the Device Manager window.
  • Scroll down the list of devices until you find Network Adapters. Double-click or use the left-hand arrow to enlarge the choice.
  • Out of the context menu of your network device, choose ‘Update Driver Software.’
  • After choosing the ‘Auto search for updated driver software’ option, pause for the process to complete.
  1. Clear Your DNS Cache After Resetting Your IP Settings

You’ll need to clear your DNS cache and restore your IP settings after updating the PC network DNS addresses.

  • Select the Start button in the lower-left corner of your screen.
  • Head to the Start menu and search for “Command Prompt.”
  • Choose Run as Administrator from the search results by right-clicking Command Prompt.
  • To permit Windows Command Processor to alter your machine, select Yes if User Account Control asks you.
  • Type cmd into the Command Prompt screen when you’re in it.
  • One at a time, type the given commands, clicking Enter after each one.
  • ipconfig /flushdns(enter)
  • ipconfig /all(enter)
  • ipconfig / release(enter)
  • ipconfig /renew(enter)

After running all of the commands indicated above, close the Command Prompt tab and resume your computer.

Check if the issue has vanished by restarting Discord.

4. On Discord, Turn Off QoS (Quality Of Service).

Multiple reports of Discord RTC difficulties have been made. They were resolved by turning off QoS in the User preferences. When computers are unable to meet the demands of High Service Queue Priority service, this problem emerges. Fortunately, deactivating QoS (Quality of Service) in the Customer Settings can easily resolve this issue.

  • Choose the gear button beside your username on Discord (bottom-left corner).
  • After that, pick Voice & Video from the App Settings menu.
  • Then, go to Quality of Service and switch off the Activate Quality of Service High Transmission Priority switch.
  • Close and reopen Discord to see if the No Routing problem still exists.
  • Attempt to place a call after removing QoS to see whether the problem still exists.

5. In Discord, You Can Modify The Audio Subsystem.

Some users were able to fix the RTC Connecting problem by converting the Discord audio system to Legacy. Take the following actions:

  • In Windows 10, open Discord. 
  • Tap Settings in the bottom left side of the page. 
  • On the left side, select ‘Voice and Audio’ under the App Settings category.
  • Legacy should be selected as the Audio Subsystem.
  • After you reopen Discord, start creating a voice call.

6. Remove Your Antivirus Software As Well As The Windows Firewall

Discord isn’t working because of a third-party antivirus or the Windows Defender Firewall. Illegal entry to your computer’s files and resources is controlled by the firewall. As a result, it’s possible that it’s impeding Discord traffic. It leads to the RTC Connecting issue.

It’s also possible that Discord files have been quarantined by your antivirus software. It is difficult for the system to function properly as a result of this.

Follow the ways below to temporarily deactivate Windows Defender’s firewall:

  • To get to the Run accessory, hit the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut.
  • After entering “control firewall.cpl,” press Enter or OK. 
  • Choose ‘Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off’ from the left panel.
  • Under Secure network settings, Domain network settings along with Public network settings. ‘Turn off Windows Defender Firewall’ is the option to choose.
  • Hit the OK option when you’re done.

Run Discord to check if you are ready to fix the problem.

7. Attempt Using Another Browser

Your browser prevents you from joining a Discord discussion. Users of Discord can install plugins that are incompatible with one another. It’s possible that your browser’s cache is causing problems with the Discord website.

All that’s left to do now is clear your browsing history and disable all extensions. After that, try uninstalling and reinstalling Discord.

If the issue persists, try a different browser. Try starting a conversation without being caught at the RTC Connecting display.

8. Check The Status Of Your VPN

The RTC connection problem happens whenever a customer actively uses a VPN service that isn’t configured to use UDP. VPNs that don’t employ the User Datagram Protocol are incompatible with the Discord app (UDP).

If you’re using a VPN, check-up instructions on how to use UDP on the service provider’s website. Deactivate the VPN and connect to Discord using only a distinct voice server to check if the VPN is the source of the issue.

Let’s say you discover that your VPN service is the source of the issue. When using Discord, you have the option of changing your VPN provider or turning off the “anonymity service.”

9. Change The DNS Server Addresses To The Ones Shown Below

The Domain Name Mechanism (DNS) is a network that combines URLs with IP addresses. Instead of entering a string of numbers into your browser while visiting the site, you can enter words and phrases.

Because your DNS server transforms domain names to IP addresses, clients can connect to the origin server. As a result, it’s logical that it could slow down and confuse your browsing.

Your DNS server should be changed from the one provided by your ISP. A better option is to utilize something that is widely used, like Google DNS.

  • Press Windows key + R to bring up the Run dialogue box. Then type “control” and press Enter to bring up the Control Panel.
  • Go to the Control Panel and select Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Centre. Then select the Connections hyperlink for your Private data connection.
  • In the next window, click Properties.
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the Networking tab on the Properties section of your connection, then select Properties once more.
  • In DNS server settings, type the below DNS server addresses.
  • DNS server that you should use
  • Then select OK to preserve your changes.

Once all windows, reboot your computer. Without the RTC problem, your Discord app should be able to join to a new voice server.

10. Discord Allows You To Change Your Server Region

If this problem only occurs while phoning a friend on either side of the world, Because the server’s voice area differs from yours, the problem is most likely caused by that.

In this case, the correct response is to ask. A new voice region was configured in the server’s settings by the server administrator.

By following the steps outlined below, the administrator can alter the server’s settings:

  • Click to the Server option after starting Discord.
  • Tap on your server’s name in the upper-left corner of the window.
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, choose Server Settings from the options.
  • In the drop-down option, choose Change. Under the ‘Server Region’ tab, you may find it.
  • Using the drop-down menu, select a server region.
  • Reconnect after making a copy of your changes.

11. Carry Out An RTC Connecting Test

If none of the other options worked, you might run a test on your computer. Here’s how it’s done:

  • For more information, visit the WebRTC website.
  • To begin the experiment, go to the top of the page and select the green Start button.
  • Allow time for the treatment to complete. It will most probably require 4 minutes to finish.
  • When the findings are displayed, check if you can correct any of the errors that were discovered.

12. Discord Should Be Whitelisted Or Uninstalled If You Use A Third-party Firewall

An overprotective antivirus could also be the blame for the No Root issue. Discord is unable to maintain outgoing connections due to the firewall.

Disabling real-time protection won’t give you a definitive answer. To see if your security plan is the source of the issue. The criteria will continue the very same.

Uninstalling your antivirus software is the only way to see if this scenario applies. Examine whether Discord was successful in connecting to a new voice server.

  • Click the Windows key + R to open the Run dialogue box. Then input “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter to launch Programs and Features.
  • In Programs and Features, browse to identify your third-party security solution. Then pick Uninstall from the context menu by right-clicking on it.
  • Remove any third-party antivirus or firewall software.
  • To verify that the security solution’s remaining files are erased.
  • To see if Discord links without any issues, reboot your computer.

Why Do I Keep Getting RTC Connect?

RTC connecting is too important because if RTC gets disconnected, then Discord issues arise when a Discord client cannot connect to a distant server.

Headphones or the programs could be to blame for the “RTC Connecting” problem. Restarting both the application and your machine should fix the problem on a desktop computer. Switching between Discord servers or unplugging your headphones are other options.

The RTC problem can be easily solved. There are a few things you can do to make sure your connection is protected.

For example, when RTC is disconnected, some issues start arising. To overcome this problem, the following techniques are used:

1. Reboot Your Computer And Your Life

At times, restarting your entire system may be the best course of action. This will typically simply reset the issue that was stopping your Discord from interacting, which is a huge time saver.

As a first step, turn off all of your gadgets, including your network and modem. For 30 seconds, turn on your network and modem, and then turn on your PC for the same length of time. If the first step is ineffective for you, go to the second.

2. Deactivate Or Remove Any Antivirus Or Firewall Software

If a restart does not resolve the issue, antivirus and firewall software should be checked. They can occasionally cause Discord to malfunction.

When you launch the software for the first time, you’ll see a menu option that enables you to build a protected list of programs or websites that should not be messed with.

The results will vary depending on the antivirus or firewall you are using. If you are unable to see it, disable your antivirus or firewall and restart your computer.

Change your antivirus software or visit their website for advice on re-enabling it without interfering with Discord.

3. A VPN Check Is Mandatory

If you’re using a VPN, it’s likely that it’s interfering with Discord’s operation. VPNs that use the User Datagram Protocol and Discord are capable of communicating with one another (UDP).

The majority of gamers prefer UDP VPNs over TCP VPNs due to their increased speed. Determine whether your VPN is using UDP or TCP by conducting a Google search.

If TCP is the source of the problem, disable it. In RTC connection discords, the network administrator may intentionally block the discord.

4. The DNS Cache Must Be Deleted!

Apps on your computer utilize the DNS cache to convert domain names (such as to IP addresses (Domain Name Server cache).

If the DNS cache is incorrect or has an issue, Discord will attempt to connect to the incorrect IP address even if voice communication is off.

Does RTC Connect Testing Take Place?

Yes, it’s possible to run a test on your own computer if none of the fixes work. As an example,

Step 1: The first step is to go to the WebRTC site.

Step 2: Click “Start” at the top of the page to begin the exam. The entire procedure should take no more than a few minutes.

Step 3: Look for and try to fix any errors that may have occurred during the test.


If you fix the RTC Connecting problem, you’ll have a more dependable connection. The RTC connection for Discord users can become stuck from time to time.

Almost always, the issue is a result of a network failure. In order to resolve the RTC connection fault that was previously described, the following are some options.

Hopefully, you will find these to be of assistance.