Fix: PUBG Update Not Showing in Play Store

pubg update not showing in play store

Have you issue with updating PUBG in your mobile device or you are getting update for PUBG in play store.

Many of you may have already updated your devices to the latest version of the PUBG game. The new update has brought with it some changes that might be positive or might not be so great depending on your point of view.

In this article, we will explain why you are not able to update PUBG in play store and how to fix this issue.

Why PUBG Update not Showing in Play Store?

PUBG update not showing in play store in your device because of one of following reason:

  • Till Now, PUBG update not rolled out in your Region.
  • You Don’t have good network connection.
  • You don’t have enough storage for downloading PUBG update.
  • May be your device having some hanging issue.

How to Fix “PUBG Update not Showing in Play Store”?

Fix 1: Good Internet Speed

You should have good internet speed to download update from PUBG mobile. Most of the time, PUBG mobile game having of big size like in GB.

So, first check your internet is working fine and good network speed.

Fix 2: PUBG Update Not Rolled in Your Region

PUBG rolled out their update in phased manner and gradually rolled out in all the region. So, in this case, you can only wait for rollout in your region.

Keep in eye on PUBG update when they will rolled out update in your region.

Fix 3: UnInstall and Reinstall The PUBG App

Sometime, uninstalling and reinstalling the PUBG app will help out to show latest update in play store.

to uninstall and reinstall the PUBG Mobile game , follow below steps:

  • Go to the Google Play Store or the App Store based on the device you have.
  • In the search bar , search “PUBG mobile“.
  • Once the search result shows on your device, tap on PUBG mobile.
  • Now, first uninstall the app.
  • After uninstalling the app, again click on install button to install PUBG mobile game in device again.

Fix 4: Clear the Cache

Another solution you can try out is clear your app cache.

When you clear your app cache , it will delete all temporary files. it will also free up some space in your device also.

If clearing the app cache will not resolve the issue then you should try other solution.

Fix 5: Restart Your Phone

Sometime your phone/device having some issue that’s why you not able to see PUBG update in your device in play store or App Store.

So, just restart your phone and see your issue is resolved or not. Are you able to see resolve your issue otherwise check other fix.

Fix 6: Enough Free space for Update in Your Phone

PUBG mobile update always having big size like in GB. So, fir that your phone always having free store more than what is size of PUBG mobile game update.

Most of the time PUBG mention the size of the update in announcement on their social media handle or in announcement blog.

So, make sure you have free storage in GB in your device. if not then you should free up space either by uninstalling other un necessary apps from your phone or deleting some data.

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Why You Should Update PUBG Mobile Game to Latest Version?

You must always update to latest versions of PUBG mobile game to enjoy the latest features in the game.

because when any major update came from PUBG, always having new levels of game, some cool feature you should not miss.

Also, sometime PUBG doesn’t allow players to invite each other on different version. For that you both should be having same version of PUBG mobile game and it should update with latest version.

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So, if you want to update PUBG mobile with latest version, first you have to wait for update in your region because PUBG rolled out update in phased manner.

Check timeline of update of your region at the announcement page of PUBG. if PUBG latest version rolled out in your region then then try UnInstall and Reinstall The PUBG App or Clear the Cache or Restart Your Phone or check Enough Free space for Update in Your Phone.