How To Fix Nike Error Code C6c4b8ad

Nike is the Number one International Brand and is best known for its shoes.

Everyone loves the brand and the quality. No one will say no to Nike.

Do you know what Nike stands for? It means Greek Goddess of Victory.

Like any other website, Nike users also face an Error while purchasing on the Nike web store.

Many users face the following error message during the payment process, and they cannot complete the payment requests. The error message is

“Error: Sorry we had an with your request. Please try again later” under stating  “[Code C6c4b8ad].

The error occurs if there is an issue with the ordered product or the entered payment information.

In this article, you will see why Nike Error Code C6c4b8ad and the solution to fix it.

Why Does Nike Error Code C6c4b8ad Occur?

Nike Error Code C6c4b8ad

The Nike Error Code C6c4b8ad Occur means the ordered product is unavailable or you have not entered the right payment information.

Here are the reasons

  • Ther might be a typo error in the entered payment details
  • The error occurs if you apply an invalid promo code.
  • There might be an internet issue, and the server cannot complete the requested process.
  • The ordered item may be out of stock and not eligible to continue the payment process

How To Fix Nike Error Code C6c4b8ad?

Before troubleshooting, check your internet connection to ensure it has enough loading speed to complete the payment process.

If not, fix it by restarting your router and changing to another network, such as mobile data.

Also, if you use any private browser like Brave, it has an inbuilt shield and stops some of the traffic or popups by default. Make sure the shield is off.

I always recommend using global browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

1. Check The Server Status

nike server status

Even though the website seems to be working fine, there might be an internal error on the Payment page.

Then it would help if you verified the Nike Network server status.

Any problems with the Nike server will be reported here.

If you scroll down, where will see other users’ problems and discussions from different forums.

Don’t be concerned if you discover many complaints or server issues.

The Nike technical team will handle it, and the issue will be immediately resolved within 2 hours.

2. Double-Check The Payment Details

Also, recheck the entered payment information are correct. If any of the information is not matched with each other or if there is any typo error, Nike refuses to complete the payment and throws the error code.

So double-check your information before you proceed.

3. Applied Invalid Promo Code

The item you have ordered may not come under the promo code. Try checking without a promo code, and you can complete the request successfully. If the error persists, then follow the next step.

4. The Ordered Product Is Sold Out

If the server gets multiple payment requests for a product, it creates a queue to avoid confusion.

Only one product is there, and if two customers order it.

The server takes the order of the person who made the payment first and remove other orders in the queue. It will occur just in microsecond, and the product will change to sold-out status.

So go back to the product page and refresh to confirm whether the product is sold out. If it then you might wait for new stock or buy an alternative product.

5. Try Different Payment Methods

Sometimes there might be an issue with the chosen payment method.

If you use a credit card, try with a debit card or UPI or Paypal account.

Some of the users in the forum stated that the issue is resolved when they use the PayPal account.

6. Try Ordering An Alternate Product

There might be an issue with the ordered product. For some reason, Nike refuses to complete the checkout.

Try with some other product and proceed with payment.

Don’t worry. You can cancel the order later to get a refund. It checks whether the issue is with the product or the account.

7. Try Login With Different Browser

If the error keeps occurring, then log in with another browser.

If it works fine, you can confirm the issue with the previous browser.

Clearing cache memory will remove stored corrupted data and resolve the error.

  • Press Ctl+H from the keyboard >> Click on Clearing browser data >> Mark the check box near cached image files and Cookies and other site data >> Click on Clear data.

You will be logged out from most sites and must enter the information again to log in.

Also make sure the browser is up to date.

  • Click on Three dots at the right top of the browser >> Click on About Chrome>> Browser will automatically install the update >> Relaunch the Browser.

Now you can log in successfully without any errors.

If none of the above methods works, contact Nike customer support customer service for further assistance. The issue will be resolved within 2 hours by the Nike Team.