How To Fix MLB The Show 23 Face Scan Not Working

Are you unable to use the Face Scan feature in your MLB The Show 23 game? 

MLB The Show 23 is a popular game that was launched on 24th March and gained huge popularity due to its interactive playstyle and multiplayer feature. 

However, as it has been launched recently, there are still bugs and glitches that cause issues for the game and stop it from executing all its features properly.

Recently many players have faced the issue where they were unable to use the Face Scan feature of the game properly.

This can not only be frustrating but can also ruin your experience of MLB The Show 23 entirely.

In this article, we will be discussing the reasons why you are unable to use the Face Scan feature in your MLB The Show 23 and what you can do to fix it.

Why Is MLB The Show 23 Face Scan Not Working?

MLB The Show 23 Face Scan Not Working

There can be many reasons why MLB The Show 23 is not able to use the Face Scan feature on your device.

Below we have thoroughly discussed some of the reasons for that

1. MLB The Show Is Facing Some Technical Issues

 If MLB The Show 23 is having some technical issues such as bugs or glitches in its system then also it will not be able to do the Face Scan. 

2. The Lighting Is Poor

If there is poor lighting then also your face will not get recognised by the Face Scan feature of MLB.

3. Poor Internet Connection

Similar to other online games MLB The Show 23 also requires a stable and fast internet connection to work properly.

If you don’t have a stable and fast connection then it will be impossible for the Face Scan feature to work on your device.

4. MLB The Show Is Not Updated To Its Latest Version

MLB Face Scan feature is a feature that comes with the latest update of the app.

If you have not updated the latest version of MLB on your device then the chances are that is why you are unable to use the Face Scan Feature.

How To Fix MLB The Show 23 Face Scan Not Working

In this section we will be discussing the fixes that can help you to fix the MLB The Show Face Scan feature not working in your device.

1. Check The Internet Connection

The first thing that you need to check is the internet connection.

Make sure that you are using a stable and strong internet connection.

To make sure that your wifi is working properly you can try to use other connections such as your data connection.

You can also do a speed test to check the speed of the internet by going to Google and then typing Speed test there.

If you find anything wrong with your internet connection then you will have to contact the local service provider to solve the issue.

2. Adjust The Lighting

The next thing that you can do is adjust the lighting. If you have poor lighting then your Face Scan feature will not be able to scan your face properly.

So make sure that when you are trying to use the Face Scan feature there is adequate lighting to make your entire face clearly visible to the Face Scan feature.

3. Check Device Compatibility

If your device is not compatible then also you will not be able to use the features of the game properly.

Currently, you can play the game on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and in Xbox Series.

You can not play it on PC yet, but it might get released for PC in near future.

4. Check For Updates

Make sure that you have updated MLB The Show 23 to its latest version.

You could have missed one of the updates and that is why the Face Scan option is not working for you. 

After you have updated it, MLB The Show 23 should be working perfectly fine on your device.

6. Restart MLB The Show

You can also close the game in your system and then restart it and check whether that solved the issue.

5. Restart The Device

Another alternative solution that you can try is to restart the device in which you are playing MLB The Show 23.

Sometimes there could be a glitch in the system due to which your Face Scan might not be working so it is advisable that you restart the device and that should solve the issue.

6. Contact The Support Team Of MLB The Show 23

If none of the fixes is working for you and you are not at all able to use the Face scan feature then you should contact MLB The Show 23 Support Team.

After you have contacted them, they will be able to guide you and solve the issue for you.