How To Fix Midjourney Not Working

MidJourney is a AI powered tool that can transform your text into image/ art.

Midjourney is an independent research lab exploring new mediums of thought and expanding the imaginative powers of the human species.

There are two ways to experience the tools: the Midjourney Bot, which you can use to generate images, and the web app at, where you can find a gallery of your own work and other users’ creations.

Some users facing issue with MidJourney.

MidJourney is not working properly for some users.

In this article we will discuss why MidJourney not working and how to fix it.

Why Midjourney Not Working?

If Midjourney is not working then chances that there is some bug in Midjourney.

In this scenario, you can’t do anything just wait till issue is resolved by Midjourney team.

Alternatively, You are not using correct command to use Midjourney discord server.

Also, If you are on the official Midjourney Discord server and don’t see them yet, try restarting your Discord app.

Below are some basic commands to use in Midjourney Bot channels:

/imagine creates an image based on the prompt text you provided.

It produces a grid of 4 images, taking around 50 seconds with default settings.

/help displays universally helpful information and tips about the Midjourney bot.

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/info shows information about your profile, plan, usage, and currently running jobs.

/subscribe creates a unique link to the subscription page of your current Discord account, without needing to sign in on the website.

/fast and /relax toggles between “fast” and “relax” mode.

In fast mode, if you are out of jobs, your jobs will be incrementally billed.

In relax mode, your jobs do not cost, but take longer to generate.

Only active Standard and Corporate plans have access to relax mode.

/show <jobid> after recovering the ID of a job in your gallery, you can summon that job again in the chat, producing the resulting image and upscale+variation buttons.

This allows you to essentially revive any job you generated yourself, bringing it into any bot channel to generate upscales and variations there, even if you have lost access to the original message.

/private and /public toggle between “private” and “public” mode.

In private mode, your jobs are only visible to you. 

In public mode, your jobs are visible to everyone in the gallery, even if you are creating them in a thread or a DM.

Midjourney Job Encountered An Error, Likely Due To Lack Of Memory

Try using --w and --h as multiple of 64 and under 1024, e.g. --w 256 --h 320.

Keep in mind that --ar is better supported and should be used instead.

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Midjourney Cannot Send Messages To This User When Trying To DM The Bot

Go to Discord privacy settings for this server and toggle this ON

Midjourney Interaction Failed

The job will (probably) still go through, but it will not show the intermediate images.

If you get this with your DMs with the bot, make sure your security settings allow DMs.

Midjourney Server Has Reached Limit Of Active Threads

We reached the max number of thread we can create in the server.

It will be possible to add new threads when older threads will archive.

In the meantime, feel free to work in DM.

Midjourney I Don’t Have The /imagine Option As A Slash Command

Especially on mobile, you may need to update the app (via the app store etc) and restart it.

Then try the / prompt in a bot channel and see if the /imagine option is listed.

Otherwise, is your account subscription active?

Try /info to see your status.


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