How To Fix Lethal Company Jetpack Not Working

How To Fix Lethal Company Jetpack Not Working

Are you an avid player of Lethal Company but frustrated because your jetpack is not working as it should? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Many players have encountered similar issues with their jetpacks in the game.

In this blog, we will explore the common reasons why the jetpack may not be functioning properly and provide practical solutions to resolve these issues.

How To Fix Lethal Company Jetpack Not Working?

To fix Lethal Company Jetpack not working you can check the temperature, avoid overloading, activate the jetpack properly. Additionally, you can check for damage, consult the terminal console, and reacquire the jetpack.

1. Check The Temperature

The most common reason for the jetpack to stop working is overheating. If the jetpack is used excessively without allowing it to cool down, it can overheat and blow up.

To prevent this, keep an eye on the temperature gauge and let the jetpack cool down when it gets too hot.

  • Locate the temperature gauge on your jetpack’s interface.
  • Monitor the temperature as you use the jetpack.
  • If the indicator approaches the maximum safe limit, stop using the jetpack immediately.
  • Allow the jetpack to cool down before using it again.
  • This may involve waiting for a cooldown timer to expire or moving to a cooler in-game environment.

2. Avoid Overloading

The jetpack may also malfunction if it is subjected to a heavy load or overused in a short period. Make sure you’re not overburdening the jetpack by carrying too much weight or using it continuously without breaks

  • Check the weight capacity of your jetpack, which should be listed in the game’s user manual or equipment section.
  • Ensure that your character’s inventory does not exceed this weight limit before using the jetpack.
  • Use the jetpack in short bursts to avoid continuous strain on the equipment, allowing it to rest between uses.

3. Activate The Jetpack Properly

To use the jetpack, you must first equip it. One common oversight is the activation process itself, which, if not done correctly, can lead to the jetpack failing to operate. 

  • Equip the jetpack by selecting it from your inventory or character’s equipment menu.
  • Once equipped, initiate the jetpack’s thrusters by performing the action required in the game, such as left-clicking the mouse or pressing a specific key or button on your controller.
  • Verify that there are no conflicting keybindings or controls that might be preventing the jetpack’s activation.

4. Check For Damage

If the jetpack has been overheated or has taken damage from an in-game event, it might need to be repaired.

  • Inspect the jetpack visually in the game’s equipment menu or character model for signs of damage, such as scorch marks, dents, or exposed wiring.
  • If damage is visible, look for a repair option within the game, which might involve using in-game tools or visiting a repair station.

5. Consult The Terminal Console

If your jetpack is not functioning, use the Terminal Console in the game to check if there are any in-game instructions or troubleshooting steps available for repairing the jetpack.

  • Access the Terminal Console in the game, which might be located in your character’s ship or home base.
  • Navigate through the console’s menus to find a diagnostics or troubleshooting section.
  • Run any available diagnostic tests and follow the on-screen instructions to perform repairs or recalibrations.

6. Reacquire The Jetpack

If none of the above steps work, you may need to obtain a new jetpack. This can typically be done by going to your ship and ordering one from the terminal, though it will cost you in-game credits.

  • Return to your character’s ship or base of operations where you can access the terminal or store.
  • Navigate to the purchase or crafting menu where jetpacks are available.
  • If your in-game currency or resources are sufficient, select the option to obtain a new jetpack.
  • Confirm the purchase or crafting of the new jetpack and wait for the transaction to complete.
  • Once the new jetpack is acquired, equip it to your character through the inventory or equipment menu.

7. Contact Lethal Company Support

Lethal company steam support 1

If all other troubleshooting steps have failed, your final recourse is to contact the Lethal Company’s support team for help.

Submit your query and wait for a response from the support team, who may offer a solution or request further information to assist you.

It’s always important to provide as much detail as possible to the support team to help them understand the issue and to expedite the troubleshooting process.