Fix: Launching The Game Failed Minecraft

Launching The Game Failed Minecraft

Pretty sure each of us here is a big fan of how exciting Minecraft can be as a game.

The USP of the game is that gives it gives the players the freedom to choose their own goals in the game and play it the way they want to.

Players can mess around with digital representations of real-life objects and construct their pathway to move forward in the game and unlock new exciting levels.

But, sadly sometimes some of you might meet a dead-end when it comes to solving technical glitches in the game, which can even manifest as a launching problem restructuring the game to function as usual.

Read on to know how you can battle these issues-

What Does “Launching The Game Failed” Mean In Minecraft?

 “Launching the game failed” in Minecraft means that the game is not opening up or functional as usual on your device.

There might be a background app/process on your system that might be causing the app to crash whenever you try to open it.

Why Did Launching The Game Failed In Minecraft?

If your Minecraft Launcher shows you an error message that says “launching the game failed”, it might mean the following things-

For reasons unknown, the most justifiable cause behind the failure to launch the Minecraft game is the launcher profiles already present on your system.

At times, the profile documents might be not in the best shape, which can cause the game to malfunction or simply not function as usual.

It can likewise be set off by wrong items in the “authentication Database” segment in the documents.

One more conceivable reason for the issue could be the presence of questionable third-party software on your system. 

A launching issue can happen when a third-party software/app/process becomes an obstruction in its way to functioning as usual and, subsequently, it can’t launch as expected.

How To Fix “Launching The Game Failed” In Minecraft?

Here are the different ways you can patch up this problem-

Fix 1: Access The Minecraft Game As An Administrator

Administrators have special privileges when it comes to fixing a technical glitch in a game.

So it isn’t unbelievable that the first trick to solve this launching issue would be to run the game as an administrator.

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Use special privileges that an administrator has and try to eliminate the background software/app/process that is interrupting the smooth functioning of the game, and preventing the launching of Minecraft on your device.

Steps to Access The Minecraft Game As An Administrator:

  • Right-click on the launcher shortcut. A drop-down menu will appear on the screen.
  • Now, Choose the “Run as Administrator” option in the drop-down menu.
  • A User Access Control Dialog Box will appear. Click on “Yes”.

Fix 2: Delete All The Minecraft Launcher Profile

Minecraft Launcher profiles are automatically saved on your computer system whenever you open Minecraft Launcher.

At times, these profiles might be damaged and thus, can prevent the normal launch of the game. Corrupted profiles should be wiped off the system.

You might lose all your launcher settings if you choose to try this solution but it’s still one of the safest bets you have when you run into a launching issue with Minecraft.

  • On your system, press the Windows key and “R” on your keyboard together to access the “run” option.
  • Type “%AppData%” on the Run Dialog Box and hit the Enter key.
  • A File Explorer window appears. Click on the “.minecraft” folder. 
  •  Delete the “launcher_profiles.json” file in the folder. You can opt to simply move it to a different location.
  • Try launching the game again. 

Fix 3: Use Clean Boot To Get Rid Of Unnecessary Apps

Your device is probably jam-packed with multiple unused apps, and one among them might be causing issues.

Most often, we download various apps without verifying if they are safe in the wrong run.

Sometimes, certain antivirus apps keep running in the background and prevent other apps from launching normally.

It might take a lot of time to assess which app is causing the actual problem. 

The best way out of this situation is to use the Clean Boot feature on your device.

It successfully restarts the Windows Operating System only with the apps that you need.

It removes suspicious third-party background apps that might be causing Minecraft to malfunction. 

  • Type “MSConfig” under the Start Menu. 
  • Press “System Configuration”.
  • After this, click on the “Services” button on the “System Configuration” window.
  • Click on the “Hide all Microsoft services” option.
  • Now, Click on the “Disable all” option that disables all the third-party background services.
  • Click on the “Startup” option beside the “Services” button, and then click on “Open Task Manager”.
  • Disable all third-party apps on the Task Manager Window. Close the window and press “OK” on the System Configuration window.
  •  Restart the system. Check whether Minecraft is functioning normally.
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Fix 4: Try Reinstalling Minecraft

What happens if all the above solutions fail to fix the issue? You are left with no option but to reinstall the game because the damaged Minecraft Installation files on your system might be the main culprit.

So, try to uninstall the game from your system and then download and install it again. 

Fix 5: Reach Out To The Support

In case none of the methods mentioned above helped you, you can also contact the Minecraft support team to get a resolution for the issue.

Visit and choose the issue that you are facing. Submit your request and then the team will call you back. 

Minecraft Launching The Game Failed Unable To Create Directory

Minecraft Launching The Game Failed Unable To Create Directory means that the Minecraft application can not create or find the game directory, leading to the crashing of the application. 

The error “Unable to create directory” pops up because of faulty settings or configurations of the Minecraft game, which obstructs the game from building a folder to store all the plugins required to run the game. 

There are 3 easy ways to solve this problem-

1. User Permission Reset

If Minecraft keeps saying that it is unable to create a directory, it might be because of the sudden change in your system’s permission regarding the creation of a directory.

The only way this problem can be fixed is by resetting the user permission on your system. 

2. Disabling The Firewalls

Antiviruses and Firewalls might not be good friends with Minecraft and view it as a potential threat.

Temporarily disabling them while you play the game might be a quick solution to the “unable to create a directory” problem.

3. Eliminating ByteFence

The software, ByteFence is always at loggerheads with Minecraft stopping the game from launching itself, installing necessary updates, and much more.

It is advisable to find an alternative for this software if you wish to continue playing Minecraft without any unnecessary interruptions.

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Minecraft Launching The Game Failed Unable To Locate The Java Runtime

Minecraft Launching The Game Failed Unable To Locate The Java Runtime means that the Minecraft application is not able to find the Java Runtime on your system. 

The error “Unable to locate the Java runtime” pops up when you might be working with an older or un-updated version of JRE software, which might cause an error when a user is trying to run the game.

There are 4 easy ways to eliminate this issue-

1. Inspect The Launcher Program

An un-updated launcher can become a huge headache for Minecraft gamers!!

It is advisable to regularly check whether the launcher is the latest one.

Try to open the game again after you have updated the launcher. 

2. Inspect The Java Runtime Directory

Launching Minecraft can become difficult if there is a sudden change or an update to Java which in turn messes up its ability to examine the runtime directory.

You can solve this issue by following the steps below-

  • Open the launcher and then access “Launcher options”.
  • Look for the “Java executable” option, and uncheck it.
  • Save the settings.
  • Try re-launching Minecraft.

3. Reinstall JAVA

When nothing works, you will have to walk a difficult route. Reinstall the entire JAVA application and lay its foundations with the game right from the beginning. 


When you have chosen to be a fan of Minecraft, you will run into technical glitches from time to time. The game comes with its issues, but we can’t blame it.

No game or software is 100% perfect. But, we have easy and perfect solutions and now that we know them, these glitches won’t be able to bother us anymore.

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