Fix: IPhone Not Working

iPhone not working

Your iPhone does not respond or simply displays the Apple logo and turning it off is one common issue you can face. We never hope for you to face this difficulty.

However, it seems as if you are still caught in this situation. In this article, we will explain exactly what to do when iPhone freezes.

iPhone not working means that the iPhone is not responding to user commands or stuck at a certain point. iPhone being irresponsive to the commands is one of the most common problems that can occur.

You press the power button on your iPhone, the screen is bricked, and nothing happens. The screen stays black. In all of these cases, you are partially or fully unable to access your iPhone.

It could be due to numerous reasons including a damaged adapter or charging cable, improper network connection, etc.

Why Did Your IPhone Suddenly Stop Working?

Your iPhone may suddenly stopped working because of a technical glitch or outdated software.

This could have been due to plenty of reasons, such as defects in hardware or software, dead battery, or improper network connections.

No need to get terrified when this happens. Follow our few simple steps and get your Apple product back to basics.

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There could be a few reasons why your IPhone won’t simply respond.

How Can You Repair The IPhone Damage?

iPhone iOS machine restore allows you to repair iOS problems in various conditions, including black monitors, healing mode, and the white display of demise.

Ultrafine has made this method so simple that absolutely everyone, no matter their capability degree, can fix iOS.

Enter & exit it out of the restoration Mode, Resetting the tool, and repairing the running machine are the three primary functions of UltFone iOS gadget repair, an expert iOS gadget healing program.

With UltFone’s iOS system repair device, you can quickly put any iPhone, iPad, or iPod contact into or out of restoration mode.

How To Fix IPhone Not Working?

To fix iPhone not working issue, here are the fixes that you can use.

Solution 1: Charge Your IPhone For At Least An Hour

It usually doesn’t take long for the iPhone to charge significantly with Apple’s lithium-ion battery.

However, if the battery is fully discharged, you may need to set your iPhone for a more extended period of time. 

Put your iPhone on charging for at least an hour. After following this, attempt to turn it on again by continuously pressing the Wake/Sleep button, also known as the Power button or Side Button.

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Solution 2: Perform A Hard Restart On Your IPhone

Another method that you can use to fix the issue is to force reset [Also called hard reset] your device.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that it will not delete any data on your device.

However, the hard reset process is not that easy because in iPhone 7, the home button is on the side and there is no home button in iPhone 10.

Solution 3: Initiate DFU Mode On Your IPhone

DFU stands for tool Firmware Update. DFU mode is the last troubleshooting step for software programs associated with problems with your iPhone.

If it nevertheless doesn’t activate or price and appears completely useless. DFU mode helps most of the time. 

Solution 4: Check The Storage

Another thing that you can do to fix the issue to check the storage of your iPhone.

Sometimes, full storage can also lead to unresponsiveness of your system. 

Solution 5: Contact Apple Support

In case any of the solutions mentioned above didn’t help you, you can also contact the Apple support to get assistance.

You can either call the support team or you can visit the service center to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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By the end of this article, you have undergone every possible step to revive your iPhone.

However, if it’s still causing the same problem, this could be due to a defect in the hardware.

Unfortunately, hardware defects are often difficult to detect and can only be resolved by an experienced team of apple repair professionals.

Hence, It is advisable to contact apple support or visit an Apple repair system to repair your iPhone.

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