Fix: Instagram Processing

Instagram the most widely used social media platform has almost more than a billion users. Recently many Instagram users are facing a common issue that is their Instagram account is stuck on processing. 

In this article, we will take a brief look at what is ‘Instagram processing,’ why Instagram is showing processing, and what fixes we can try to resolve this issue. Let’s get started. 

Instagram processing is a circumstance where you are not able to upload videos, photos, stories, and reels.

During this situation, the screen blacks out, and you see the circular processing symbol. At times, the user’s Instagram account completely freezes. 

There are several reasons why Instagram Processing keep happening occurs mainly when you are using poor internet, you have not cleared the app cache, or you have not taken the update to fix the prevailing bugs in your Instagram app. 

Why Instagram Processing?

Instagram processing is because you are using a poor internet connection, the Instagram server may be down, a technical glitch, or it’s because of the content format. 

Here’s a list of reasons why your Instagram is is stuck on processing 

1. Slow Internet

if you have a slow internet connection, then this can be the main reason why Instagram is stuck on processing an image or a video file. 

2. You Have Not Updated Instagram

A technical glitch or bug becomes a serious issue as they constantly create problems in day to day functioning of the application. Make sure you have taken the latest update to fix the bugs and glitches. 

3. Unsupported File Format

you can expect Instagram to upload a video file or post which is not supported by Instagram. Always trim and then upload the video. For pictures, you have to crop them. 

4. Phone Storage

if you have low memory space on your device and this is the reason why your Instagram account has frozen on processing, go to your files and then clear the unwanted pictures and videos.

Low phone storage will not only affect Instagram but other apps too on your mobile phone. In addition, clear the Instagram app cache as this can also be the reason. 

How To Fix ”Instagram Processing”?

Fix 1: Clear The App Cache 

The processing message on Instagram often appears for the fact that you have not cleared the accumulated Instagram cache and other temporary data that have been saved to clear the cache in your Instagram: 

Go to your Settings and then scroll down to “Apps and Notifications” on your android phone and then go to apps and then scroll down to Instagram. 

Click on it, and you will see four options, click on “Storage” and then tap on “Clear Cache” if you want to delete all the data on Instagram, you can click on “Delete Instagram Data.” 

For iPhone users, you have to go to general and then go to iPhone storage and then choose Instagram and click on “Offload App” to clear the cache. After that, reboot your phone and then try uploading the picture or video. 

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 Fix 2: Data Setting On Instagram 

If you have set your Instagram data (internet) limit to a low value, then this might be the reason why your Instagram is stuck on processing a video or image.

You can increase your data limit by doing the following: 

Launch your Instagram app on your device and then head towards your profile page and click on the three horizontal lines or simply tap on the gear icon. 

And then, you will see a list of options, click on “Account,” then scroll down the page to the “Mobile and Data Usage” option and then choose a high data resolution to increase your data limit on Instagram. 

Fix 3: Update Your Instagram App 

Instagram processing messages may also appear if there is a technical issue or glitch in your Instagram app.

There are high chances this can be the reason. To troubleshoot this, you have to take an update. 

From your home screen, go to the Google Play Store or Apple’s app store and type on the search bar “Instagram” click on it, and then you will see the update option(if you have any).

Immediately take the update and then restart your mobile phone. This will most likely fix the problem of processing on your Instagram. 

Fix 4: Change The Permissions 

Another fix you can opt for is to change the Instagram permission settings. Several people will see while trying this fix that their camera permission has not been turned on. Here’s how you can change your Instagram permission settings 

On your android phone and iPhone or Tablet, go to general settings and go-to apps, and then select Instagram. There will be a list of options given to you. Click on the second tab, which is “Permissions.” 

Tap on “camera” and toggle on to “Allow” if it’s already on, then turn it off and then turn it on again. Do the same for the “Files and Media” option and even for “Microphone” from permissions. 

Fix 5: Altering The Images/Videos 

One of the major reasons why your Instagram posts and videos are stuck in processing is because they have not met the Instagram picture/video format. You can simply upload huge video files. You have to “trim them.”  

And to edit pictures, you don’t have to download another software. Go to the gallery and then click on the edit option available at the bottom of the screen and then click on the crop to scale the picture resolution to lower.

You must also reduce the frame rate of the picture or video that is still stuck on processing.  

Fix 6: Switch Your Internet Connection 

You have noticed the processing message is quite similar to that of buffering error message. Buffering and processing are completing the same when you have an extremely slow internet connection. 

If you are having poor internet and your mobile phone supports dual sim, switch it to another network type and check if the internet speed is good. 

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You may have exhausted your wifi data. If you are using wifi, turn it off and use cellular data, you can also ask for permission for a good hotspot. 

Sometimes it’s the location of your place which is causing the problem for your internet. Shift to a place where your mobile phone can get good internet, and then try uploading the stuck picture or video on Instagram.

Fix 7: Close The Background Running Apps 

Your mobile phone will not work efficiently if you have background running apps open. This will directly impact your Instagram application too.

 It is suggested that you close all the background running apps and log out from other social media accounts and then try to access your Instagram account and then check if the processing post/video has been uploaded. 

In addition, it may be the additional apps that are linked to your Instagram account which are creating the problem. Delete those apps by clicking (long press) and dragging them to uninstall the dustbin icon. 

Fix 8: Uninstall Your Instagram App 

If the above fix doesn’t seem to work, you must try uninstalling and then reinstalling your Instagram application.

This fix may seem dramatic to some of you, but we cannot skip it. It is necessary to delete and then download the app again.  

For both Android users and iOS device users,  you can either go to settings and then uninstall Instagram from either, or you simply tap on the Instagram icon on your home screen and drop and drag it to uninstall the app. 

Later, you can install the app from the Google play store or your app store. Once you have downloaded it, restart your device, check your internet connection and then log in to your account and try to upload the video/story or reel that was stuck on processing.

Fix 9: Verify Your Content 

If you are unsure about the content you are uploading, it is always better if you check the community guidelines of Instagram.

Any breach of the terms and conditions, Instagram will not allow you to upload the video file or image. Before Instagram disables or blocks your Instagram account, go through the terms and conditions.  

You can check the community guidelines from the given link

Fix 10: Contact Instagram Support Team

If any of the above-mentioned fixes did not resolve your issue, and it’s been more than 24 hours of your Instagram being stuck on processing, you must contact the Instagram help center.

The support team will surely resolve your problem. You can also contact them via Facebook and their Twitter handle account. 

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Instagram Processing Stuck

Instagram processing is stuck in a situation where your Instagram account completely freezes. You can also see the processing symbol moving sometimes, it may take forever to process a post or video, and at times, it may stop suddenly midway. 

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Instagram Save Processing

Your Instagram is taking too long to save a picture mainly because it does not fulfill the low picture resolution requirements.

Often this will lead your Instagram account to be crashed. Another basic reason why it is not saving is – you have not turned on the camera permissions on your Instagram. 

If you succeed in taking a picture without turning on the camera permission, then it will create a hurdle to saving the picture. Try saving the picture to some other app and use the tools to crop the photo so you can reduce its size.

Instagram Processing Video Forever

The Instagram video takes forever to process even though you have the latest Instagram version and no technical issues on your mobile or your app.

There are other major reasons why it is taking forever – firstly, have you checked the video format of the video you are uploading? You have to upload the video within the format supported by Instagram. 

Secondly, if you are trying to upload inappropriate content in the video, then it’s Instagram that has blocked its processing (to be uploaded).

Check your content. Thirdly, if your account is disabled or blocked by Instagram, be it your videos, photos, reels, etc., not be uploaded, and hence it will be stuck on forever. 

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Instagram Story Stuck On Processing

Your Instagram story is stuck on processing in a situation where you will see a back screen in the background, and your story will neither be uploaded, nor it will completely stop uploading. 

This happens because it’s either because of uncleared app cache and data or you have not updated your Instagram. This problem has often been reported by Instagram users.

Once they take an update, it fixes the technical glitch or bug from Instagram. Make sure you clear the cache on your Instagram app or your mobile phone.

Instagram Reel Stuck On Processing

Instagram Reel Stuck on Processing means that your reel will take some more time to be uploaded.  It is not a serious issue, this may happen for the reason that you have a slow internet connection, or the Instagram server is down.

Posting too many reels one after the other can also be the reason. Stop the process and resume it again or switch your network connection. 

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By now, you must know that there are several reasons behind this common issue. There is nothing to be worried about until you are unsure about the type of content you have uploaded.

Always check the content before uploading, as this may lead your account to be disabled or blocked by Instagram. 

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