How To Fix FIFA 23 Download Error

FIFA 23 is football simulation video game published by Electronic Arts with HyperMotion2 Technology for even more realistic gameplay.

However, lot of peoples getting error when they try to download FIFA 23 game.

When peoples trying to download FIFA 23 from origin, they are getting “Download Error“.

Second part of the error is “We’re sorry, Origin was unable to download your game. Please check your internet connection, or try again later.

FIFA 23 download error

In this article, we will discuss why FIFA 23 download error occurred how to fix

Why Does FIFA 23 Download Error Occurred?

One of the most common reasons why your are getting FIFA 23 download error is an unstable internet connection. 

So, The first step is to check and ensure a stable internet connection.

If you have stable internet connection but still getting FIFA 23 download error then there is some bug in Origin.

In this case you can’t do anything just wait for sometime until issue is fixed by Origin/ EA team.

How To Fix FIFA 23 Download Error?

To Fix FIFA 23 download error, check for stable internet connection and enable Safe mode downloading. This will fix FIFA 23 download error.

Steps to enable safe mode downloading in Origin:

Step 1: Search for Origin client

Step 2: Right click on origin client icon and run as administrator

Step 3: After opening the Origin client, Tap on Origin button in top left

Step 4: Go to “Application settings

Step 5: Select “Diagnostics” tab from the top menu

Step 6: Now, Toggle ON Safe mode downloading under Troubleshooting.

After toggle ON safe mode downloading, try to download FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 will be downloaded successfully.

Also, make sure you have stable internet connection.

Origin’s safe mode downloading is now a permanent feature.

This means that instead of needing to switch it on manually to troubleshoot, all of your games will download in safe mode automatically.

EA/ Origin team did this to avoid data corruption during downloads, thus downloading should be considerably more stable.

If still you are getting same error, then wait till bug/ glitch is fixed by EA team.

You can also connect to support team: