How To Fix “Failed To Fetch Server Variables” On FiveM

How To Fix Failed To Fetch Server Variables On FiveM

FiveM is a widely used tool that lets people customize and play together in their own special versions of Grand Theft Auto V.

However, users may occasionally encounter issues when attempting to connect to a server, experiencing the frustrating “Failed to fetch server variables” error. This error means that FiveM is failing to connect to the server.

The full error message reads: “Failed to fetch server variables. Failed to connect to port 30120 after 21053 ms: Timed out – CURL error code 28 (Timeout was reached)”

In this article, we will explore the possible reasons behind this problem and provide effective solutions to help resolve it.

Why Is FiveM Failing FiveM To Connect To The Server?

FiveM may fail to connect to a server due to various reasons.

Sometimes, when you try to play FiveM, you might face problems connecting with other players.

This could happen if your internet connection is not stable or if there are restrictions on your network.

Fivem Failed To Connect To Server 1

Another reason could be that the server you’re trying to connect to is not available at that moment because it’s either down or being fixed.

If you’re using an old version of the game or the server, they might not work well together, causing connection issues.

Lastly, if there are too many players trying to join a server or if the server is already full, you might have trouble connecting.

How To Fix FiveM Failed To Connect To Server?

Let’s explore some of the ways you can resolve the “Failed to Connect to Server” issue in FiveM:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Make sure that your internet connection is stable and strong to avoid such issues.

Here are the steps to Check your internet connection:

  • Turn off your router or modem, wait for a few seconds, and then turn it back on.
  • If the problem persists, you can reset your network settings on your device. Go to the network settings menu and look for an option to reset or restart network settings.
  • If you’re using Wi-Fi, try switching to a wired connection to rule out any potential wireless issues.
  • Restart your router or modem to refresh the connection.

2. Check FiveM Server Status

Fivem Server Status 1

Check the FiveM server status; If the server is down, you may encounter an error like “Failed to connect to FiveM.”

In such situations, it is recommended to wait for some time and try again later.

3. Disable Firewall

Try to temporarily disable the Firewall of your device to see if the issue gets resolved or not.

To temporarily disable your firewall, follow these steps:

  • Open Windows Security or Windows Defender Security Center.
  • Find the “Firewall & Network Protection” or “Firewall & Security” section.
  • Locate the BDO or game launcher program in the list.
  • Disable firewall access for the program.
  • Remember to re-enable the firewall when done.

4. Check For FiveM Updates

FiveM Updates

Make sure that you are using the latest version of FiveM.

To do this, visit the official website and check for any updates.

If there are updates available, make sure to install them.

5. Clear FiveM Cache

FiveM stores temporary cache files on your device, and over time these files can become corrupted. Clearing them might resolve the “connection to failed” issue.

To clear the FiveM cache on your device, follow these steps:

  • Close the FiveM client completely.
  • Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialogue box.
  • Type “%localappdata%” (without quotes) in the Run dialogue box and press Enter. This will open the Local AppData folder.
  • Locate and open the “FiveM” folder.
  • Inside the FiveM folder, you should see a “cache” folder. Right-click on the cache folder and select “Delete” from the context menu.
  • Confirm the deletion when prompted.
  • Once the cache folder is deleted, you can restart the FiveM client.

6. Verify The Game File

Verifying the game files ensures that the necessary game data is intact and not corrupted, which can potentially resolve connection issues.

Follow these steps to verify the game files:

  • Open the Steam client on your computer.
  • Go to your Library and locate “Grand Theft Auto V” in the list of games.
  • Right-click on “Grand Theft Auto V” and select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.
  • In the Properties window, navigate to the “Local Files” tab.
  • Click on the “Verify Integrity of Game Files”. This will initiate the verification process, which may take some time.
  • Wait for Steam to verify the game files and replace any corrupted or missing files.

7. Contact FiveM Support

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If you have followed the suggested troubleshooting steps and are still experiencing issues with connecting to a FiveM server, it is recommended to reach out to FiveM support for further assistance.