How To Fix Escape From Tarkov Error 229

Are you seeing the error code 229 when you are trying to log in to your account in Escape from Tarkov?

The error message could be saying, “Your account has been permanently blocked, Error 229”.

If that is the issue that is making you worried and confused then we are here to help.

In this article, you will know why you are seeing the error code 229 while trying to log into Escape from Tarkov and what you can do when you have been banned by the game.

What Causes Error 229 Escape From Tarkov?

Error 229 Escape From Tarkov

When you are seeing the error 229 in your Escape from Tarkov game while trying to log in to your account then that means your account has been banned permanently by Escape from the Tarkov team.

There are terms and conditions that you need to follow if you want to play Escape from Tarkov.

However, if you did not follow the rules or Terms and conditions then it is very possible that is why you got your account banned from Escape from Tarkov.

On the other hand, if you are sure that you have not violated any rules while playing Escape from Tarkov then your account should not get banned.

In that case, there are certain solutions that you can try. 

How To Fix Error 229 Escape From Tarkov?

If you have gotten banned from the game Escape from Tarkov then there is nothing that you can do in case where you have clearly violated the terms and policies of the game or have cheated while playing it.

However, if you believe that you are innocent and have been wrongfully banned then please reach out to the support team of Battleye that handles these operations for Escape from Tarkov. 

You can register your problem with them and ask them to lift the ban.

If they lift the ban after investigating the issue then please contact the Support Team of Escape from Tarkov by using the ticket generated in Battleye.

In case Battleye refuses to lift the ban and you are sure that you have done nothing wrong then please take legal steps such as hiring a lawyer and then discussing the matter with them.

They will be able to guide you regarding the steps that you will have to take.