How To Fix “ERROR 0x00000023” On Apex Legends

Are you experiencing the “ERROR: 0x00000023” error when playing Apex Legends on PS4 and PS5?

If so, you’re not alone.

The full error is “ERROR: 0x00000023” followed by “SSLError: 0x00000000” followed by “SSL connect error“.

The above error players are getting either on Playstation 4 or Playstation 5 for EA games.

In this guide, we will discuss why are getting ERROR: 0x00000023 on Apex Legends and how to fix it.

Why Did “ERROR: 0x00000023” Occurred On Apex Legends?

You are getting ERROR: 0x00000023 on Apex Legends because your EA account is not linked to PSN ID.

Also, Possibility that there is outage in EA (Electronic Arts) servers.

Also, you haven’t accepted the terms and conditions with EA you can get ERROR: 0x00000023.

ERROR 0x00000023 EA

How To Fix “ERROR: 0x00000023” On Apex Legends?

To Fix “ERROR: 0x00000023” on Apex Legends, Connect your EA account to your PSN IS and try to disable 2 Factor Authentication.

1. Check EA (Electronic Arts) Server Status

Checking the server status of EA (Electronic Arts) can also help you determine if the issue is on your end or if it is a problem with the game’s servers.

EA is the publisher of Apex Legends, so if there are issues with their servers, it could affect your ability to play the game.

You can check the server status of EA through their official website or social media accounts like Twitter @EAHelp.

If the servers are experiencing issues, you may need to wait until they are resolved before you can play the game.

2. Connect Your Origin Account To PSN By Visiting EA Website

Origin is EA’s digital distribution platform, and linking your accounts can help ensure a seamless gaming experience.

Some players able to resolve the ERROR: 0x00000023 by connection their Origin account with PSN ID.

Below are the steps to connect your Origin account to your PlayStation Network profile:

  1. Visit EA’s website and log in with your PlayStation Network credentials.
  2. Click the “Connect” button when prompted to link your Origin account to your PlayStation Network profile.
  3. Verify that the PlayStation Network is listed under “Network” in your account settings.
  4. If it is not listed, click the “Add a Network” button and follow the prompts to link your Origin account to your PlayStation Network profile.

Also, Make sure you must have accepted the terms & condition with EA server.

After that you can relaunch the Apex Legends game.

If you continue to getting issue after connecting your Origin account to your PlayStation Network profile, try the other troubleshooting steps above listed, such as checking your internet connection, checking the game’s server status, and verifying that you are signed into your PSN account.

3. Try To Disable 2 Factor Authentication

You can also try to disable 2FA on your EA account.

  • Log in to your EA account at
  • Go to the Account Settings > Security section.
  • Disable 2-factor authentication.
  • Close the game on your console and restart it.
  • Try to connect to the EA servers.
  • If the issue persists, disable any third-party security software or firewall that may be blocking the game’s connection.

4. Contact EA Support Team

If none of the above steps have helped to resolve the “ERROR: 0x00000023” in Apex Legends, you have to contact the EA support team for further assistance.