How To Fix Elden Ring Steam Deck White Screen

Are you having issues trying to play Elden Ring in your Steam Deck?

If every time you try to play Elden Ring you keep seeing a white screen then you are not the only one as there are many other players who have had a similar issue.

You can also solve this by following our guide in this article.

Elden Ring is a 2022 action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

It is directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki with worldbuilding provided by fantasy writer George R. R. Martin.

While Elden Ring can be an enchanting game where you can spend your time relaxing, there can be errors and issues while trying to play it on Steam.

Read on to find out how you can fix them!

Why Is Elden Ring Having A White Screen In The Steam Deck? 

Elden Ring Steam Deck White Screen

There can be a few reasons why your Steam Deck is showing a white screen when you are trying to play Elden Ring in it.

There is no confirmation given yet from either the team of Elden Ring or Steam Deck as to why this problem happens but the players have thought of some reasons that could be the issue.

Below, we have listed them for your convenience.

  • The Game Settings are not configured correctly.
  • Resolution is not set at default mode.
  • You have mods installed in Steam Deck.

How To Fix Elden Ring White Screen In Steam Deck?

Noe that you are aware of the issues due to which you might be seeing a white screen when you are trying to open Elden Ring in your Steam Deck, it is time for us to take a look at the fixes that will help us to solve it.

1. Change The Game Settings

The first fix that you can try is to change the Game Settings of Elden Ring.

To do that please follow the steps below.

  • Go to Game Settings.
  • Open Properties.
  • Open Compatibility.
  • Select the option Force the Use of…
  • Choose Proton 7.0.6.

Note: If Proton 7.0.6 does not work for you then you can try and choose the other Ptroton versions to see which one does.

2. Troubleshooting With Left Button

A user has reported that repeatedly zooming when the white screen comes up with the help of Steam Button and Left Shoulder(L1) has fixed the issue for them.

You can also try to do this troubleshooting however remember that the screen will turn black and there might be a delay of a few seconds before the Bandai logo comes up on your screen.

3. Change The Resolution To Default

If you have previously changed the resolution of your Steam Deck then please reset the resolution to default as this might be one of the reasons why you are getting a white screen while trying to open Elden Ring in Steam Deck.

A few users have reported that changing the resolution back to default has enabled them to run Elden Ring in their Steam Deck without any issues.

4. Uninstall Decky Plugins From Steam Deck

If you have the Decky Plugins installed in your Steam Deck then you will have to remove them.

Make sure that you have uninstalled them and then try to open Elden Rionmg.

You should now be able to open it without getting any blank screen.

Decky Plugins are not compatible with Elden Ring so trying to play it while the Plugins are enabled makes the white screen show up in your Steam Deck.

5. Disable Mods In Steam Deck

You should also disable any Mods that you have installed in your Steam Deck.

Oftentimes these mods might interfere with the games that you are playing or trying to play and they might not run in your Steam Deck.

To check whether the mods are the issue, uninstall the mods and then open Elden Ring and check whether you are still getting the white screen.

6. Restart Elden Ring

As an alternative fix, you can always completely close the Elden Ring and restart it after some time has passed.

A few of the users have discussed that doing a restart of Elden Ring has made the white screen issue resolved in their Steam Deck.

There could be a bug in the system of Elden Ring.

If there are any bugs then please wait for some time and later restart the game.

7. Uninstall And Reinstall Elden Ring

If nothing is working at all in your Steam Deck then the last fix that you can try is to uninstall Elden Ring from your Steam Deck and then reinstall it again.

This should be able to fix the issue so make sure that you do that and check if that helps to stop the white screen.

8. Contact Steam Deck Support Team

After you have tried all these fixes given above, you should be able to fix the issue of the White Screen in Elden Ring.

However, if you are still unable to do so then please contact the Support Team of Steam Deck and they should be able to guide you.