How To Fix DoorDash Tracking Link Not Working

DoorDash is a service through which you can get your food delivered to your home from various restaurants.

DoorDash is a very popular app because of its fast and reliable service.

However many users have recently noticed that the tracking link for their delivery is not working properly.

This can be extremely frustrating b because you will be unable to track your delivery in that case.

In this section, we will be discussing the various reasons why your tracking link of DoorDashj is not working and what you can do to fix it.

What Causes The Tracking Link Of DoorDash To Stop Working?

DoorDash Tracking Link Not Working

There can be several reasons why your DoorDash Service is not working.

It can range from an issue in the system of the DoorDash App to the restaurant not using DoorDash delivery service.

In this section, we have listed some of these reasons for you to go through.

DoorDash Tracking Link Not Working

1. Your Phone Is Not Configured Correctly

If you do not have the correct settings on your Phone then you would not be able to track the DoorDash delivery.

You need to give permission to the DoorDash app as well as keep the location and internet on to track your delivery.

2. DoorDash App Has Bugs Or Glitches In It

If the DoorDash system has a glitch in it or a bug then also you might have issues tracking the DoorDash delivery.

3. The Restaurant Does Not Use DoorDash

Many restaurants have their own personalized delivery option.

If the restaurant that you have ordered from does not use DoorDash but their own delivery service then you will not be able to track your delivery through the DoorDash app.

4. Too Many Cache Files In Web Browser

If you are using DoorDash through their website and you can not use the tracking link to track your delivery then your Web browser might have too many cache files due to which it is not functioning properly.

How To Fix DoorDash Tracking Link Not Working

In this section, we will be looking at the fixes that can help you to fix the tracking of your delivery in your DoorDash app.

1. Restart Your Phone

The first thing that you should be doing is restarting your phone.

To do that you can restart your phone. If the link is causing trouble due to a bug in the system of your phone then doing this would solve the issue.

2. Configure Your Phone Settings

You should also configure your phone settings to make sure that you are able to track the delivery on DoorDash.

To do that give the app permissions and make sure that your phone has Map and navigation enabled.

To give the app permission just press and hold the DoorDash app then tap in App Infor and go to the App Permission.

Toggle all the permissions and then close the Settings after confirming it.

3. Close And Reopen DoorDash App

You can also close the DooreDash app and then reopen it again after some time has passed as an alternative solution.

If there was some kind of bug in the DoorDash app that is making the app have issues with the tracking link then doing this would delete the bug.

4. Contact The Dasher Delivering Your Order

You can also contact the Dasher who is delivering your food and ask where they are if your link is not working.

If you find that the Dasher is taking longer than the delivery time then it could be that they are facing some issues or they are stuck in traffic.

5. Contact The Restaurant

You can also contact the restaurant and ask whether they use the DoorDash service.

If they do not then the chances are that is why your tracking link is not working.

You can ask them about the status update of your order and the expected delivery time.

6. Contact DoorDash Customer Support

After you have tried all the solutions in the fixes section you should be able to track your DoorDash delivery in the tracking link however if you still can not do so then we recommend that you contact the DoorDash Customer Support Team to get the problem checked out.