How To Fix ChatGPT Could Not Find The User

Are you getting error could not find the user on ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a dialogue-based AI chatbot  that can understand real human language and generate remarkably detailed human-like written content.

ChatGPT is a new dialogue-optimized AI model developed by OpenAI.

ChatGPT can respond to follow-up questions, acknowledge errors, challenge false assumptions, and reject improper requests.

ChatGPT is sensitive to changes in the input style or repeated attempts at the same prompt.

For instance, the model could pretend to not know the answer if the query is phrased one way, but if it is phrased slightly differently, it will provide the best answer.

As ChatGPT went viral within 5 days launch and attracted more than 1 million users.

Also, Starting trending on Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit.

As many peoples reported that they are getting ChatGPT could not find the user error not working or responding.

So, in this guide we will discuss why is ChatGPT could not find the user occurred and how to fix it.

What Does ChatGPT Could Not Find The User Mean?

On ChatGPT, “Could Not Find The User” means OpenAI ChatGPT website not able to find you or authenticate you.

Make sure you are trying to login with correct OpenAI account.

ChatGPT Could Not Find The User also be bug/ glitch in ChatGPT.

As many peoples trying to login into ChaGPT but they are not able to do.

As they are getting many login issues.

How To Fix ChatGPT Could Not Find The User?

To Fix ChatGPT Could Not Find The User, Make sure you trying to login using correct account.

Also, If there is any error from OpenAI side then you can try to login & use after sometime; issue will be fixed.

Steps to create ChatGPT account and login into ChatGPT:

  • Go to
  • Tap on Sign up button
  • After that you will be redirected to new tab where you will have to enter email address and mobile number.
  • Follow on-screen instruction
  • Finally, After Entering Mobile OTP, your account will be created with OpenAI

After creating the account OpenAI, Again go to

try to sign in, you will be successfully signed into ChatGPT.

If you encounter any issues while creating an OpenAI account or signing in, you can contact OpenAI support for assistance.