Fix: Binance System Abnormality

binance system abnormality

Binance is the top-notch exchange platform used by millions of individuals who are interested in the crypto ecosystem. 

You may have encountered the problem where you could not log in to your Binance account, or you have received the message that the withdrawal function has been suspended. It is a binance system abnormality.

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of this issue and why you may also face this in your P2P marketplace.

In addition, the article has also highlighted a handful of handy solutions that you can try out to fix this problem.

Binance System Abnormality 

Binance System Abnormality is an issue where you cannot either log in to your Binance account or you will receive the message “withdrawal function has been disabled.” 

There are some major reasons why you are facing this issue. Often it is because you have made changes to your binance account password.

Binance will not allow you to log in for twenty-four to forty-eight hours. You have to wait for a couple of days. After that, you can use your Binance wallet. 

And sometimes, it is because you have not completed your KYC form or identity verification process. As a result, you will face system abnormalities in your Binance wallet.

In addition, you will face such abnormalities even in your P2P marketplace. 

A point that you need to keep in mind is to avoid getting involved in malicious activities in Binance.

If Binance gets a hint of such activities, you may be in great danger and will never be able to use Binance. 

Binance System Abnormality P2P

Binance System Abnormality P2P is a situation where you can not withdraw or make a transaction with the seller or with your counterparty over the Peer-to-Peer Network. 

There are several reasons why you are facing such abnormalities in your Binance P2P. Some of the reasons are:

1. You Have Violated The P2P Transaction Policy

Binance has a strict guide and set of policies that need to be followed by every user who is interested in P2P trading due to the high risk involved.

If Binance finds out that you have breached their policy, they will either not let you make any transactions or make withdrawals from the marketplace. 

2. You Have Multiple Accounts

It has been strictly prohibited by Binance to use more than one account. If you do so, you will be immediately blocked from the P2P network and market. 

3. Terms Of Trade

Your ads should not go against the buyers’ demand as there’s also a User Transaction Policy that you need to abide by. You have to keep in mind the remarks, fees, price, etc.

In addition, if you have uploaded more than three ads that are not appropriate(ads) within the last seven days, you may see abnormalities in your Binance System P2P network.

4. Use Of Third Party Currency

Binance will not accept any cryptocurrencies sourced or advertised from a third-party source such as from chat houses, the internet, social media, etc.

And even if you succeed in trading those currencies and you face a major loss, you cannot contact Binance as they are not responsible for it. Transactions started outside binance are not their concern. It is the users’ responsibility. 

If you are not familiar with the trading policy of Binance, we suggest you go through it before you face a grave issue. Here’s the link

And if you are already facing a serious issue, you can always submit a ticket to Binance or directly give them a call. 

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Binance System Abnormality Verification

Binance System Abnormality Verification occurs when you try to access(unlock) the features of the Binance app, and you get an error message that your Binance verification failed.  

You can not skip this step of giving your all details, which is also known in other words as “personal authentication .

“There are three tiers to Binance System Verification. They are Basic Level Verification, Intermediate Level Verification, and Advanced Level Verification. 

The reasons your verification may have failed it because :

  • You have either given incomplete documents for your KYC form.
  • If you have not completed your form within the three months span, if it crosses more than three months, your documents will be considered old and hence will be thereby rejected by Binance(the verification process will fail). 
  • And the verification process may also fail due to taking to fill the form exceeding fifteen minutes. You have to upload and complete your form within fifteen minutes. Make sure your documents and every paper details are ready beforehand. 

You can fix your verification issue by simply going to wallets and then clicking on ” spot,” and then clicking on “withdraw .

“You will be asked to either appeal your identity verification or they will ask you to “verify now .”You can choose either of them. 

System Is Abnormal Please Try Again Later Binance 

The system is Abnormal. Please Try Again Later is an error message on Binance which appears either because the server has been overloaded or the database has crashed. 

You can try to log in to your binance account or make the withdrawal after some time. Give it enough time for the server to gear up(if it’s a server issue). 

When the server is down or the system faces some serious problem, Binance tends to suspend all the withdrawal features within Binance.

Therefore you do not have to worry, wait for some time and then try again. 

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Binance Operations Anomaly Error

Operations Anomaly error is a situation where your Binance wallet app will completely stop working. Yes, completely, you will not see the market analysis and trends, no cryptocurrencies, and nor will you be able to see your wallet balance.

It will show either zero or a dash “-.” This is because either their server is down or you have a bad internet connection. 

You do not have to worry. It may seem like a grave issue. However, it is easy to resolve. This is how you can resolve it:

You need to go to your App Store or Play Store(for Android users) and see if there are any latest updates for your Binance app.

If yes, then take the update, and if not, you have to switch your network type, which means 

If you are using mobile data, turn it off and connect to the wifi and if you are using wifi, switch it to mobile data. Just change your network connection.

 If these two do not seem to work, you can uninstall Binance(nothing will be deleted, don’t worry) and then reinstall it again. It will most likely work. 


The system abnormalities that you are facing are mostly because you have either not completed your identification procedures or did not fill out the KYC form. 

Or you have been detected by the Binance involved in some abnormal activity, or you have breached the Binance policy and guidelines.

If your matter gets worst, it is better you immediately send a ticket to the Binance support team. You can even chat with them here