How To Fix “Assertion Failure” On FiveM

Are you constantly being met with the “FiveM has encountered an error: Assertion Failure” message when trying to play your favorite games on the FiveM platform?

This error can be frustrating and can prevent you from being able to play your games, but don’t worry – there are ways to fix it.

In this blog post, I will go over the different causes of the “FiveM Assertion Failure” error and provide you with step-by-step solutions to help you get back to gaming as soon as possible.

Why Did “Assertion Failure” Error Occurred On FiveM?

You may have become interested in FiveM due to its multiplayer feature and You have already installed it on your PC.

But now that you are trying to run it, you are getting the error “assertion failure”.

fivem has encountered an error assertion faiture

If you are indeed getting that then there might be a few reasons for it so there is no need to panic as you will be able to understand them when you follow this guide.

1.Your PC Memory Is Full

If you are seeing a message where the error says Assertion failure and Allocate memory then that means your system can not run that programme on the memory that is there in your PC.

While running a programme the pc will need to have a certain amount of storage for it to function properly.

If you cannot allocate that storage then FiveM will not run on your computer. 

2.Your Driver Is Too Old 

Another reason can be that your driver is of an old version whereas your graphics card and the PC is new.

In that case you have to upgrade your driver.

You can not run a programme if you are using the latest graphics card whereas your driver remains the old model.

3. Driver Not Installed In PC

You may not have installed your driver in your PC which can be the reason why you are unable to play the game.

When your driver is not installed you will not be able to connect with your Graphics card and you will not be able to play the game.

How To Fix “Assertion Failure” Error On FiveM?

When you are faced with the error of assertion failure then you have no need to panic as it can be solved with quite simple solutions.

You might have already gone through the reasons and now we will be sharing with you the solutions that you can try to run your FiveM in your PC.

1. Make Sure That Your Driver Is Installed

First, you have to make sure of the fact that your Driver is installed properly in your system, which will help you to make your Graphics card run programmes.

Without having a Driver installed your system will not be able to run any games on your PC.

2. Upgrade Your Driver To The Latest Version

You have to also make sure that you have the latest version of the driver installed if you are using a brand new PC and the latest graphics card model.

Both your Driver and your graphics card should be the latest version if they are going to run FiveM in that case.

In many situations the assertion error occurs because either the Driver is an old version whereas the graphics card is of the latest model and vice versa.

As soon as you upgrade your driver the issue should get resolved by itself.

3. Provide Enough Storage Space To FiveM

Sometimes the Assertion error occurs due to your system not having enough space to run the application.

Your system will need space to run it, which it will use temporarily.

You have to install it in the disk that has space over 50 GB to remain on the safe side.

If you have no space left where you have installed it then try to uninstall it and then reinstall it by putting it in a disk that has enough space.

4. Uninstall And Then Reinstall FiveM

You can also uninstall FiveM and then reinstall it again after sometime.

If the issue was occurring due to a bug or a glitch that is present in FiveM then it would get resolved as soon as you uninstall the programme.

You can then reinstall it again and the programme should run without any issues.

5. Delete Cache Files Of FiveM

You can also try to delete the Cache fickle of FiveM as an alternative and serif that is solving the issue.

Sometimes due to the Cache files the programmes might have problems running properly.

Step 1: Open your desktop and Press Windows + R from your keyboard.

Step 2: Write %localappdata% and click OK.

Step 3: Now locate the FiveM folder from the tab that had opened.

Step 4: You can then open the folder and go to FiveM application data.

Step 5: Now, open the data folder from the folders opened.

Step 6: Open the Cache folder.

Step 7: Now delete all the folders “server Cache” and “server cache priv” that are in it.

Step 8: Open the storage folder and delete the Cache from there too.

And with that you are done completely selecting all the Cache that there is in your FiveM app.

Now, just close the app and restart your system once and it should solve the issue.

6. Contact The Customer Service Of FiveM

If none of the above mentioned solutions are working then you can contact the FiveM support Team through here.

They have answers to many questions available in the site and also link to their discordant forum.

You can visit their forum and discord and ask your queries there and they will help you out with your problem.

You can also ask the other members in the discord community and forum, if they have faced any such issues and discuss what can be done with them.