Fix: Apple Pay Billing/ Shipping Address Invalid

Apple Pay billing address invalid

It’s happened to all of us: you’re ready to checkout with Apple Pay, but when you enter your billing address, the app tells you it’s invalid.

What gives? We’ll show you how to fix Apple Pay billing address errors so you can get on with your purchase.

What Does “Fix: Apple Pay Billing Address Invalid” Mean?

A billing address error on Apple pay is a common issue that many people face. This can happen when you try to use the apple pay app for the first time, or if your card has been declined due to insufficient funds.

Moreover, this error may also be caused by an incorrect email id and password combination.

Nevertheless, there are some other reasons too that can cause the billing address error on Apple pay. 

Causes Of The Billing Address Error On Apple Pay

The following are the most common causes of the billing address error:

1. Incorrect Card Number/Expiry Date/CVV2 Code

If any of these three fields are incorrect, then the billing address will not match the actual billing address.

It means that the billing address is not updated in the apple pay app. You need to update all three fields before using the apple pay app again.

2. Incomplete Billing Address

The billing address should contain at least 3 fields (name, street name, city). If only one field is missing, then the billing address cannot be matched with the actual billing address and hence the billing address error occurs.

3. Invalid Email Id/Password Combination

The email id and password combination must be correct. If the email id and password are incorrect, then the user will get the billing address error message.

4. No Internet Connection

Sometimes, the billing address gets changed if the internet connection drops out. So, make sure that you have an active internet connection.

5. Wrong Country

Sometimes, the billing address gets updated if the country code is wrong. For example, if the country code is US instead of GB, then the billing address gets updated.

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There can be other reasons as well. But these are the most common ones.

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How To Fix The Billing Address Error On Apple Pay?

1. Update The Billing Address

 Make sure that the billing address matches the actual billing address of the credit card.

2. Check The Email Id And Password

You can check whether the email id and password are correct or not. There, you will find the email id and password. Tap on them to verify them.

3. Check Internet Connectivity

You can check whether the internet connection is working properly or not. If the status shows ‘No Service’, then you need to connect to the internet.

4. Change The Country Code

In case, you have entered the incorrect country code, then change it to the correct one.

5. Restart The Device

Restarting the device helps in fixing the billing address error on the apple pay app.

6. Try Adding The Same Credit Card Again

Try adding the same credit card once again. Sometimes, the billing address error on iPhone XS Max might occur because of the security feature of the device.

The device prevents the users from entering the same credit card twice. So, try adding the same credit card for a second time.

7. Contact Apple Support

Contact the Apple support team if you still face issues while updating the billing address. They will help you to resolve this issue.

8. Reset Your Apple Pay Settings

Resetting the settings will also solve the problem.

Apple Pay Shipping Address Invalid

The Invalid shipping address error on Apple pay happens when the shipping address does not match with the billing address.

This error can occur due to the following reasons:

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1. Incorrect Shipping Address

Make sure that the shipping address contains all the necessary information. It should include the full name, address, zip code, state, etc.

2. Incorrect City Name

The city name needs to be accurate. The city name cannot contain any special characters. 

3. Incorrect State Code

The state code needs to be correct. You can use the drop-down menu to choose the state code.

4. Incorrect ZipCode

The zip code needs to be accurate. If the zip code is incorrect, then the user will get this error message.

5. Incorrect Postal Code

The postal code needs to be accurate and valid. The postal code cannot contain any special characters such as hyphens (-), dashes (–), parentheses (), brackets ( ) or spaces ().

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How To Fix The Invalid Shipping Address Error On Apple Pay?

To resolve the error, follow these steps:

1. Verify The Shipping Address

First, make sure that the shipping address has been correctly typed. Also, ensure that the billing address and the shipping address are different.

2. Update The Shipping Address

Go back to the home screen and open the Apple pay app. Select the credit card from which the payment was made. Then tap on the “Payment Methods” option.

Select the shipping address from where the payment was done. Now, enter the shipping address details. Make sure that the shipping address matches the billing address.

3. Update The Billing Address

Go back to the home screen. Open the Apple pay app. Choose the credit card from which payment was made. Tap on the “Payments & Cards” option.

From here, select the billing address from where the payment has been made. Enter the billing address details. Make sure the billing address matches the shipping address.

4. Check The Spelling

If the error persists after verifying both the addresses, check the spelling of the shipping address. The letters need to be capitalized and the words separated by commas.

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5. Update The Country

Check whether the country code is set correctly in the shipping address. For example, if the country code is the US, then it must be US-US.

6. Add The Shipping Address Manually

You can add the shipping address manually. Go to the Apple pay app. Search for the address and click on the edit button. In the next window, type the shipping address. Click on the save icon.

7. Reset The Shipping Address

Resetting the shipping address deletes the address from your Apple Pay account and also resets the address to default values.

To reset the shipping address, go back to the Apple pay app, search for the address, and tap on the edit icon.

On the following page, tap on the Reset option. This will remove all the information related to the shipping address.


Apple Pay is a convenient way to make purchases without having to enter your billing information every time.

However, if you accidentally type in the wrong address when adding your card, Apple Pay will assume that this is your correct billing address and your purchase will be processed.

To avoid this, always double-check that the billing address displayed on the checkout page matches the one that you entered for your Apple Pay card. If it doesn’t match, cancel the purchase and enter the correct information.

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