Does Five Guys Take Apple Pay?

Does Five Guys Burger and fries take Apple Pay

Five Guys are a famous restaurant chain serving fresh burgers and fries, unlike the ones commonly sold that are frozen. They have a franchise model and there are more than 1500 stores of Five Guys across the USA.

Like most other businesses, they have also started accepting Apple Pay. This form of payment is just so convenient and all it takes for the payer is a tap on their iPhone or Apple Watch to complete the payment. It is quicker and hassle-free especially when there are plenty of items purchased. 

Do Five Guys, use the Apple Pay platform or not? How does one avail of the payment services at the nearest Target store?

This article goes in-depth into all your queries and answers them to the best of our knowledge.

Does Five Guys Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Most of the Five Guys stores across the country accept Apple Pay. But note that they are not on the official retailer list for Apple Pay published by Apple. But most stores, including the most-visited ones in big cities, have begun to accept Apple Pay. Even those who are not yet accepting Apple Pay, intend to do so in the future once their PoS systems have been updated. 

How To Use Apple Pay At Five Guys?

To begin with, open your iPhone Wallet and add a debit or credit card from which you want the money to be deducted. Of course, you can also store your Apple Pay credit card as well.

When you are at the shop, activate the NFC function on your phone near the check-out counter. Apple Pay will activate and prompt you to complete the payment. Once you tap, the payment will be processed and money will be charged on the card you have authorized to the wallet. 

Depending on the store you are in and the version of the PoS software they use, you might want to enter the PIN of the card as well. 

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Five Guys 

Both Apple and Five Guys have been working together to make it easy for customers to do effortless transactions. 

  • You can avail of discounts by adding the Debit Card to the Apple pay for savings with ease of use. 
  • Apple pay is highly secure and avoids the unnecessary hassle of carrying too many cards. 
  • Apple Pay significantly speeds up their check-out lines and reduces dependence on cash.
  • You Can one-click payment using Apple Pay.

Other Payment Options Five Guys Accepts

If you are looking for a secondary payment option, rest assured, Five Guys accepts cash and all major credit/debit cards. Apart from these, they also accept Five Guys gift cards and other coupons that can be availed at the outlet.

If you want to use Apple Pay though, it is recommended to call the store once to confirm if they accept it or better still, carry a secondary payment option with you. 

Can I Get Cashback While Using Apple Pay At Five Guys?

If you do use the Apple Pay Card and the stores accept it, you will be eligible for cashbacks from Apple. There are no transactional limits for the cashback, and you will get them as many times as you transact. Check the exact terms and conditions on the Apple website. 


Most of the Five Guys stores accept Apple Pay and in near future, the others might accept it too. The best way is to come prepared by confirming with the store if they take Apple Pay or carry cash or other eligible credit/debit cards. Since it is a franchise store, the functioning of each store may be slightly different. 

Apple Pay is an increasingly popular mode of payment, so make use of its convenience whenever possible! Live a cash and card-free life with Apple Pay as your one-stop wallet to make the purchase easy. It is better to call them up in advance and confirm, or always carry a secondary payment option with you.