How To Download Snapchat Messages?

Want to know what you had shared or received in your previous Snapchat messages? We have a quick way with which you can download and see all your Snapchat data. So, just keep reading further.

Snapchat is an amazing application. It is one of the most used global social networking sites. With this, you can share entertaining and special content like stories, your special moments, messages, etc to your selected friends and loved ones.

Unless the messages are saved, the sent or received messages on Snapchat are deleted automatically after 24 hours or after they have been viewed.

These messages contain photos or videos. However, Snapchat provides a way the recovery of deleted messages.

The My Data feature on Snapchat can help you with downloading the Snapchat messages or with retrieving the deleted Snapchat messages. We have provided a simple way to do that in the section below.

How To Download Snapchat Messages?

Steps To Download Snapchat Messages:

Step 1: Visit The Official Snapchat Website

First of all, you need to go to the official website of Snapchat on any web browser. You can use the link given below to do so.

Step 2: Login And Select “My Data”

After this, you need to log in to your Snapchat account with your credentials and then select the My Data alternative.

Step 3: Submit The Request

Now, you need to submit the request for your Snapchat data by clicking the button for it at the lower end of the page.

Step 4: Provide Email Address

After this, provide a reliable email address where Snapchat can send you the link for your entire requested data.

Step 5: Check The Received Email

Now, you need to check for the email you received and then go to the link provided in your email to download the data.

Step 6: Open The Mydata.Zip File

You will obtain your Snapchat data in the form of a Zip file. This file will contain Snapchat data in a compressed form. 

To read the contents of the Zip file including your Snapchat messages, your computer needs agreeable software. 

Step 7: Open Index.Html

In the Zip file, go to index.html and open the link by double-clicking it.

Step 8: Find Snapchat Messages

To get the deleted Snapchat messages, you can visit History.


With the downloaded data from the My Data attribute, you can have all of your access account data. It contains not just Snapchat messages but a lot more.

We have provided you with the safest and most reliable way to recover or download Snapchat messages. We hope that you will find this write-up useful.