Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay?

Does Doordash Take Apple Pay

Apple Inc. is one of the top consumer brand product companies globally and has a vibrant ecosystem that consumers enjoy. Since 2014, Apple has been developing its payment standard called Apple Pay which makes payment easier for any IOS user. 

DoorDash is an American company that deals in online food ordering and delivery. It is based in the United States. It has got appreciation from people within a short span, which is fantastic. In recent times, it has been leading as one of the top and the best food ordering and delivering companies in the United States.

It’s gained traction and wider acceptance among the industry but still has a long way to go. This begs the question.

Does DoorDash use the Apple Pay platform or not? How does one avail of the payment services at the nearest Target store?

This article goes in-depth into all your queries and answers them to the best of our knowledge.

Does DoorDash Take Apple Pay?

Yes, DoorDash accepts Apple Pay. However, they weren’t supporting payments through Apple Pay earlier. But now, they are accepting this option on their checkout page.

How to Use Apple Pay at DoorDash?

Steps to Use Apple Pay at DoorDash:

Step 1: Open the DoorDash App on your Apple device, either iPhone or iPad (Download it from your App Store and set it up to use if you haven’t done it yet).

Step 2: Search for a food or restaurant you want to order. (You may also click on icons available at the top, such as Pizza, Mexican, etc.).

Step 3: Select a restaurant you want to order from or explore the menu of.

Step 4: Check their menu and select a food category you want to eat from, e.g. soups, desserts, chicken, etc.

Step 5: Choose the dishes you want to order or get back to the menu again if you don’t wish to order any dishes from that category. Note: While choosing the dishes you want to order, check the customized and combo options available.

Step 6: Once finalized with the dish you want to order, proceed by clicking “Add to Order.”

Step 7: Please continue adding the dishes to your order list until it’s complete.

Step 8: Go to your cart by clicking “View Cart” when you want to complete your order by making an online payment. 

Step 9: Apply Promo code if applicable.

Step 10: Check your subtotal and proceed to checkout.

Step 11: Verify your delivery location and instructions (Edit or change it if incorrect).

Step 12: Add Dasher Tip. (It is optional, but we can help and grow others).

Step 13: Select your payment method, choose Apple Pay. (Since you want to pay using Apple Pay)
Confirm the total and proceed with placing your order. 

Can I get Cashback While Using Apple Pay at DoorDash?

If you do use the Apple Pay Card and the stores accept it, you will be eligible for cashbacks from Apple. There are no transactional limits for the cashback, and you will get them as many times as you transact. You can get up to 3% cashback on every transaction. Check the exact terms and conditions on the Apple website. 

Apple Pay Card customers usually get a cashback for every purchase they make through the card. You can check for eligibility on the official Apple Website. If you are a regular shopper, it is recommended to use the Apple Pay Card so that you can get cash back with every transaction. This adds up to huge savings over a period of time. 

Benefits of using Apple Pay at DoorDash

Both Apple and DoorDash have been working together to make it easy for customers to do effortless transactions. 

  • You can avail of discounts by adding the Debit Card to the Apple pay for savings with ease of use. 
  • Apple pay is highly secure and avoids the unnecessary hassle of carrying too many cards. 
  • Apple Pay significantly speeds up their check-out lines and reduces dependence on cash.
  • You Can one-click payment using Apple Pay.

Other Payment Options at DoorDash

Apart from Apple Pay, DoorDash accepts payments through standard payment methods like debit and credit cards, Paypal, gift cards, etc.

Final Thoughts 

So now you know everything there is to know about using Apple Pay at DoorDash. The digital wallet revolution makes it far more easy and secure to make transactions in DoorDash. 

Apple Pay is an increasingly popular mode of payment, so make use of its convenience whenever possible! Live a cash and card-free life with Apple Pay as your one-stop wallet to make the purchase easy. It is better to call them up in advance and confirm, or always carry a secondary payment option with you.