Does NGL Send Fake Messages

See Who Sent NGL Message

While posting on social media, many users fear expressing their genuine opinions because every post no matter how filtered your audience is, comes with your name.

If you want to keep your name out of your posts and keep them anonymous, NGL is your catch. NGL allows your Instagram followers to contribute anonymously.

However, some users posted on social media that NGL send fake message to them to make engagement inside the app.

In this guide we will discuss does NGL send fake messages or not?

Does NGL Send Fake Messages?

There is no proof that NGL send fake messages or not.

But users wrote on Reddit, Twitter and inside review of NGL app, they are getting fake messages because none of their can send these types of messages.

According to Techcruch, Users had no real way of knowing that messages were actually fake questions the app was sending them.

But many suspected that was the case as the questions sounded like things their friends wouldn’t ask.

(We confirmed the messages were fake by generating an NGL link but not sharing it. We then received messages).

NGL’s app reviews have been filled with complaints that its questions seemed to be coming from bots.

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What’s worse, the app developer was charging users for “hints” to learn more about who was asking the question.

This means users were paying, in some cases, for hints about bots!  This could be considered fraud. (We’d advise impacted users to request refunds from Apple.)

Is The NGL Subscription Worth It?

No, NGL subscription is not worth because it doesn’t revel the sender name or Instagram username (who sent the message).

NGL Subscription will only provide the hint which include Nearby location, Message Sent date & time, Device & NGL ID.

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