Does Grindr Notify Screenshots

Grindr is a LGBTQ dating app that uses location to find the perfect partner for you.

It is a popular app among the LGBTQ community to find their dates and partners, who come from the same locality.

However while using the app you might be concerned about your privacy.

There are many apps nowadays that do not let people screenshot other’s posts or profiles.

In this article we will be sharing all the information that you need to know about screenshots in Grindr.

Does Grindr Notify Screenshots?

No, Grindr will not notify the person whose profile’s screenshot you have taken.

If you take any screenshot of the profile or photos then that person will not be notified.

However if you take a screenshot of photos in Grindr then those photos will turn up black in your screenshot as Grindr does not allow screenshot to be taken of the photos present in the platform.

Does Grindr Notify When You Screenshot Expiring Photos?

You can not screenshot expiring photos on Grindr.

The expiring photos are an exclusive feature of Grindr XTRA and Unlimited members of Grindr send a photo that will disappear only after viewing once.

Grindr does not allow any person to screenshot an exporting photo and thus no notification is sent to the other person.

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You can view a photo for up to 10 seconds and then the photo will disappear forever.

Is There A Way To Screenshot The Grindr Album?

No, There is no way to screenshot the Grindr Album.

You can not screenshot any photos in Grindr as when you try to screenshot the album photos, it will turn up black in your picture.

Grindr takes the privacy issue of the people using it very seriously and does not let anyone take any pictures as screenshots of the photos and profiles present in Grindr.

When you try to take pictures of a Grindr album, the photos will turn up black and the other person will be sent a notification that you have taken a screenshot of their album.

Can Someone Screenshot An Expiring Photo On Grindr?

No, You can not screenshot an expiring photo in Grindr as Grindr doesn’t let anyone screenshot an expiring photo.

But you can take other measures to get the screenshot as shown below.

  • You can use another phone to take a picture of the screen so that you can take the picture.
  • You can also use an emulator to run Grindr on your desktop, which will let you take a picture of the desktop screen when you open the expiring photo. 
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Note: The expiring photo is only available for the members that are either subscribers to Grindr Unlimited membership or the XTRA membership.

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