What Happens When You Block Someone On Grindr

Grindr is an attractive app that can help you find your perfect partner but it can also sometimes become a nuisance.

You might be getting disturbed by another person in Grindr.

You may want to block them so that you do not get disturbed by them anymore.

In that case you have come to the right place.

In this article we will be solving all the doubts and questions that you have regarding blocking someone from your Grindr account.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Grindr?

When you block someone on Grindr that person will be removed from your cascade view and neither of you will be able to see their profile or chat with each other.

After you have blocked them all the shared history, chats and photos are deleted that you both have shared among each other.

However you can take screenshots of chats so that you can store them and they will not get deleted after you have blocked the person.

To block a person you can follow the steps below bands you will be able to block them.

  • Open the Grindr app.
  • Next, open the profile of the person you would like to block.
  • You will be able to see the Block option in the Top left corner of the profile.
  • Tap on the Block option and a pop up menu will appear.
  • Choose Block from the menu.
  • Now there will be another pop up saying if you are sure that you want to block the person. You will have to choose Yes and the person will be blocked.

If you want to unblock a person whom you have already blocked, follow the given steps and you can do that easily.

  • Go to your profile after opening Grindr on your device.
  • Now select Settings.
  • Navigate to the Security and Privacy section.
  • Tap on Unblock Users.
  • Select the user you would like to unblock from the list.
  • Now, press Ok to confirm and you are done unblocking them.

Grindr Blocking Limit

You can only block up to 10 people per day in Grindr.

Grindr has a limit to the number of people that you will be able to block everyday.

That limit is set to 10 people whom you can block per day.

However if you subscribe to the premium membership of Gridr this limit can be lifted and you van block unlimited number of people per day.

Grindr Favourite Blocked Me

If you have been blocked by your favourite in Grindr then there is nothing that you can do.

However sometimes when a profile does not follow the guidelines of the community then Grindr blocks it.

Make sure that you were actually blocked by the person and the profile was not removed because of the violation of the guidelines.