Does BeReal Show Your Location

The BeReal app is the latest platform for sharing photographs without any filters and effects. The basic principle of the BeReal app is to showcase your real self to the world without any fear.

On the BeReal platform, users are required to post pictures of whatever they are doing in a window of 2 minutes.

You may share your location in addition to the photographs you share with your friends on every BeReal post.

This makes it easier for your friends to figure out where you posted your BeReal.

Additionally, when you examine old memories through your BeReal posts in BeReal recollections, it makes them easier to remember.

It’s optional to reveal your location on BeReal postings, and you may decide whether or not to do so.

In this article, we will see if BeReal shows our location and if how to turn it off.

Does BeReal Show Your Location?

Yes, BeReal Shows your location whenever you turn on this setting on your post.

BeReal does Not show your location on your photographs by default, but you can turn on the settings for your account and send your current location along with your candid photographs on your BeReal.

You can add your current location to your BeReal account by manual method.

However, make sure that you show your location only when you are comfortable and know the viewers To keep your identity and location safe and secure.

How To Turn Off Location On BeReal After Posting?

Sometimes for safety purposes or for any reason you just don’t want to show your location on BeReal after posting.

But you can’t turn off the BeReal location after posting. You can turn it off before posting your BeReal.

If you have posted your BeReal with a location you can only delete it to hide the location.

After deleting the BeReal, you can post new BeReal without location.