Discord Party Mode A Slide Puzzle

discord party mode

Party Mode is our gift to you in celebration of Discord’s birthday!

This feature will only be available for a limited amount of time and include Combos, Screenshake, custom Confetti and more, as you interact with your client.

While this feature is only available on the desktop and web browser clients, you’ll be able to experience Party Mode.

You will not get party mode in Mobile App either its Android or iOS.

Discord Party Mode A Slide Puzzle

To get a Slide Puzzle or this achievement , you have get 2048 points but problem is that character limit is 2000 character with Discord Nitro.

Sp basically what you have to do, get around 100 score and on your computer do In window CTR + A and in MAC Command + A, select all the text and keep typing.

It will help you bypass or delete some of the character in the message but still your combo going on. After that you keep doing type until 2000 character and press enter.

Finally you will get 2048 achievement.

Discord Party Mode Secret Achievements

Achievement NameHow to Achieve?
Is this thing on?Enable Party Mode
Prepare for troubleGet a 2x combo multiplier
And make it doubleGet a 4x combo multiplier
A Puebla partyGet a 5x combo multiplier
Happy Birthday!!Get a 7x combo multiplier
Is it me you’re looking for @ mention someone
*Discord notification sound*Get @ mentioned
More!!Increase shake in party mode
Stuck in character creationCustomize Confetti
Click for your free prize! Visit the Party Mode settings tab 100 times
The IT solutionDisable party mode
80’s popCombo score of 99
Will you still need me?Combo score of 64
Travel through timeCombo score of 88
Two birds, one stoneCombo score of 430
Be eliteCombo score of 1337
Animation fanCombo score of 113
Klondike’s cellCombo score of 555
Gonna be the very bestCombo score of 898
A slide pizzleCombo score of 2048

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