How To Delete Or Clear PhonePe Transaction History?

Delete phonpe transaction history

This is the era of digitalization and we are leaning more towards cashless transactions, especially over the digital payment method.

In India, some of the leading digital platforms are Paytm, Phonepe, and Google Pay. With these payment platforms, you can send or receive money without any hindrance of time and place.

Whenever we are purchasing anything or we are conducting any transaction, it is saved as transaction history in the PhonePe digital payment platform.

Phonepe is based on the Unified Payments Interface. With regular transacting activities, your Phonepe app might store a lot of transaction history. If you want to delete phone transaction history, then don’t worry, as here we will discuss the easy and quick process of doing so.

Steps to Delete/ Clear PhonePe Transaction History:

Step 1: First, you need to log in to your PhonePe account.

Step 2: Then, directly visit the transaction history page.

Step 3: Now, click on the specific history that you want to delete or erase.

Step 4: Now, you have to tap on the “contact support” option.

Step 5: Next you need to write a message expressing some personal reason you wish to delete the transaction.

Step 6: After that, send a message for creating a new ticket regarding the request.

Step 7: Following that message, the Contact support team will provide the permission and then your appeal would be executed.

And, that is how, if there are no complicated issues, then, by following a few consecutive easy steps any of your older Phonepe transaction histories can be hidden.


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