How to Delete PhonePe Business Account?

delete phonepe business account

PhonePe is a company that has been licensed by the Reserve Bank of India to provide payment systems and digital wallets in eleven Indian languages.

Paying utility bills, receiving money, and shopping online are all possible with this app. Furthermore, businesses can also set up a PhonePe merchant account so that funds can be received directly into their bank accounts.

PhonePe merchant accounts can be deleted very easily if the customer does not feel comfortable with online transactions. 

Here are the steps to follow to delete PhonePe merchant account.

Steps For Deleting a PhonePe Business/ Merchant Account

  1. Install and launch the PhonePe Business app.
  2. In the menu, choose “My Accounts and KYC“.
  3. Choose “Delete PhonePe Account“.
  4. You need to verify your number to continue.
  5. Click “Other Issues” to remove the PhonePe account.
  6. Provide a reason for deleting the Phonepe account.
  7. Click on the send tab, then click on the confirm button.
  8. Once your account has been deleted, PhonePe will send you a message about it.

PhonePe merchant accounts can easily be deleted by following the above procedures, but this will result in you no longer being able to accept instant payments from the most widely used method of accepting instant payments.

It is convenient for the consumer to avoid carrying cash or specific change as the payment is made electronically.


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