How To Delete History On TikTok

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TikTok is used by millions of users to watch videos and reels, there was an issue where TikTok did not have a “watch history” option like the other social media platforms. 

Users have been wanting a history option for their TikTok accounts, recently TikTok added a new feature which is the “Watch History ” tab.

However,  several users don’t know where the tab is located and how to go about deleting history on TikTok. 

How To Delete History On TikTok?

Step 1: Launch Your TikTok App 

From your mobile phone, launch your TikTok application and fill in your password and email to log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap On The Me/Profile Icon 

After that, click on the ‘me’ or profile icon from the bottom on the extreme right side of the screen

Step 3: Click On The Three Bars 

Once done, you have to click on the three horizontal bars on the top right corner of the page. 

Step 4: Tap On Watch History 

Next, you have to go to Settings and Privacy and then scroll down for a while and under the heading content and activity, click on the “watch history” option. 

Step 5: Tap On The Gear Icon 

You will then see all the stories, and videos you have watched on TikTok in the last seven days, click on the gear(settings) icon present on the corner at the top of the page. 

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Step 6: Click On The Delete Option 

Lastly, once you have clicked on the gear symbol you will get two options >> tap on the which says Delete/Clear watch history, and you will then get a message telling you that you will not be able to retrieve the history once you clear it >> click on “Clear” after you click on it all of your watch history will be wiped out. 

Note: Make sure you have updated your TikTok before following the above steps since the older version includes additional steps and does not have a direct “clear” option to delete the watch history.  

What Happens When You Delete History On TikTok?

You will free up storage space on your device when you delete the history from your TikTok account. 

Only two things will happen after you delete your watched history on TikTok.

You will be able to free up storage space on your mobile phone and it will also remove cache from your TikTok app, deleting history will also remove the chances of glitches and bugs you would have encountered if you were running low on storage space. 

Nevertheless, deleting history on TikTok will not have any major impact on the app or on the system, if your TikTok or mobile phone was slow due to occupied space then clearing history will only make the functioning of your app or your Android/iOS device smooth.  

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Does TikTok Keep Your History?

Yes, TikTok does keep the history of the videos you have watched, stories that you have viewed, posts that you have liked, etc. 

It is necessary for them to track what the TikTok users are watching and liking, by keeping the history they make sure no one is breaching the community guidelines.

By keeping the history they can give warnings, disable the accounts posting inappropriate content and delete the account which has caused severe nuisance with their content. 

As per the reports, the cybersecurity themselves has claimed that TikTok algorithms updates themselves regularly to know about its users’ posts and content.

If you are thinking that TikTok may misuse the information then that’s not the case, they respect and keep the privacy of their users safe. 

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You only have to follow the listed steps to be able to delete your watch history on your TikTok account.

You will only see the last seven days’ history on your TikTok so therefore you can permanently delete the seven days’ history and more than seven days of history automatically gets wiped out.

There is no serious impact after you delete your watch history, it only increases the speed and functionality of your mobile phone or TikTok app.

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As for TikTok, they do keep the history of every user for their terms and conditions and to make sure that no one is violating the community guidelines. 

We hope this article has helped you to know how to go about deleting the history on your TikTok and does TikTok keep the history.

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