Cupcake Mag Scam 2023

Cupcake Mag scam is a misleading operation run by a PR firm that attract potential clients with the promise of delicious cupcakes.

The executive in charge of the company makes contact via e-mail or phone and provides all the necessary details, making the company seem legitimate.

Clients who have fallen for the scam have reported receiving burnt cupcakes or not receiving their orders at all.

The scammers contact potential clients through e-mails and business proposals, but many of these are fake.

Victims of the Cupcake Mag scam have taken to social media to share their experiences and warn others.

On various platforms, there are comments from users who were cheated by the scam.

Additionally, some have posted videos on TikTok to raise awareness about the scam.

To avoid falling for the Cupcake Mag scam, it’s important to be vigilant and look for red flags in any emails or offers you receive.

Don’t provide your address or credit card details until you are certain that the company is legitimate.

Keep in mind that these scams are designed to make quick money, and they often have many telltale signs that can help you avoid them.

cupcake mag scam

One user shopjosieb on Instagram wrote, “As some of you know, cupcakemag scammed myself & hundreds of small businesses, some as early as 2014 (See my last pinned post). Sadly we are finding out these scams never stopped & are still ongoing, 2 of those as recent as December 2022. I found this out just a few days ago when 2 small businesses messaged me separately with almost identical stories about sending her product for a “collaboration” & then her saying the package never arrived, even when the shop owners both had delivery confirmations. It’s shocking how deep the rabbit hole goes, guys. Casi Densmore NEEDS to be stopped. Type that name into FB and see what you find. Look up her court records . Do your own research if you’d like. Recently, she’s being heavily accused of stealing content from well known, hard working creators. She’s asking her followers to Venmo her ‘coffee money’ or money to fly somewhere to ‘cover a case’ but just recently we found out she didn’t go to a specific trial because of another sickness. So where did that money go that was donated for her travels? Also, please be aware of the constant illnesses she will mention. If you look at the @cupcakemagreviews page, you will see a lot, including a timeline of her illnesses that were documented & shared amongst all of us & it appears she’s still using the same excuses. So again, DO NOT send this woman any money. She won’t speak publicly since she knows we all have the receipts. She will copy/paste the same “attorney” message & how she’s been advised not to comment. If it’s not true, couldn’t she just prove it? Show people she paid us all back? Me specifically. I’m not just some angry past client that’s mad about her PR services (which she says A LOT about us all). For months, she gaslit & manipulated me & it’s what she does to anyone else who questions her. People deserve to know WHO they follow & support on this app. NO ONE is perfect, including myself, but this is inexcusable. Lastly I need to say, it makes me feel sick to post this. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life & someone with kids pulls at my heart even more, but I can’t sit back knowing everything that I know & not speak up.”