CST Full Form

CST Full Form

CST Full Form is Central Sales tax. 

Central State Tax is generated during the time of inter-state exchange like buying and selling of goods and in the trade. In India, CST is contemplated in the Union list to avoid corruption and conspiracy. It is commonly considered not to be a direct tax. 

Fundamental Characteristics Of The Central Sales Tax 

Yes, the government initiated the Central Sales tax (CST) to gather a sufficient amount of tax as fixed by the government from all states and union territories. 

Some of the main Purposes to Collect CST are mentioned below:

  • Declared goods 
  • Collection and distribution of tax 
  • To establish a council that resolves the tax collection 
  • Distinguish specific goods which must be significant to business and commerce. 

Main Certificates For Registration of Central Sales Tax 

Certain important documents are necessary to register the CST which are given below. Without these documents the registration of Central sales tax becomes void. 

  • Id Proof which is authorized by the Government of India 
  • Evidence of the address 
  • A valid PAN card 
  • Photo Ids
  • Business association Address evidence 
  • Buying Invoice
  • Affidavit of Bank 

Procedure For Enrolling In The Central Sales Tax

 The CST is registered by following suitable procedures which are given below:-

  • Firstly they must submit their id proofs and documents. It is the first stage in the procedure. 
  • Then insert the essential forms 
  • After that deliver the Registration payments.

Basic Provisions And Conditions Of Central Sales Tax

Central Sales tax has numerous conditions and provisions, all have their benefits and legal importance. These provisions and conditions play a vital role while implementing the CST by the central government:

  • Work of the CST is done under the management of the legislative jurisdiction of Parliament.
  • It is necessary to register CST by all states including all their sales and purchases throughout the year.

Features Of Central Sales Tax

The main features of CST are as follows:- 

  • It is accepted all over India 
  • Every dealer who gives rise to interstate sales must be a registered trader. 
  • Also, a receipt of Registration has to be displayed at all the places of his business. 
  • No exception limit of sales in CST.
  • Under the CST, goods are classified as declared goods and those who have special importance in trade and commerce. 
  • Other goods like which are lower to the rate of tax of secondary category. 

Forms Required In The Transaction Of Central Sales Tax

Some major forms are required in the transaction of CST which are given below. 

For more details visit the given links:

  • Form A  

Application for Registration 

  • Form B

Certificate of Registration 

  • Form C   

Form of declaration 

  • FormD 

Form of Certificate for making Government Purchases

  • FormE1 

Certificate under sub-section **(2) of Section 6.

  • Form E2

Certificate under sub-section (2) of Section 6.  62[See rule 12(4)]

  • Form F

Form of declaration to be issued by the transferee

  • Form G

Form of Indemnity Bond

These are most commonly used in CST. All these forms are issued by different parties to each other like issued by the seller, buyer, government, or other parties. While doing transactions like selling and buying goods, traders must keep these forms in mind.