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Are you wondering about the different fees on is one of the legitimate exchange platforms which charges a penny for its awesome facilities like trading.

However, some facilities are free of cost too on the exchange. In this article, you will learn about the transaction and withdrawal fee on

But, before jumping deeper into it, you must go through this consideration on

  • charges a trading fee per transaction till the order is fulfilled.
  • provides CRO rebates as a discount on trading fees.
  • If you stake CRO and pay your trading fees on, you will be eligible to receive CRO rebates.
  • How much rebate you get is decided on the basis of your CRO stake & trading fees that you pay before 00:50:00 UTC every day. Because at this time, your staking balance of current CRO, trading volume of last thirty days and CRO fees that you paid are evaluated.
  • The payouts and calculations are completed mostly in one hour.

Here is a link that you can follow to know the latest fees and limits. Transaction Fee

When a user on transfers their coins to another account, transaction fees are charged to perform the transactions. The transactions are different for the different coins depending upon the multiple factors. charges some transaction fees to ensure the validation of transactions is secure and to run and develop the exchange platform. In return, the users also receive rewards in the form of coins.

People are more interested in searching for cryptos with the lowest fees. Cryptocurrencies are tricky & complicated, so the most common concern with finding cryptos with lower transaction fees is to avoid money loss due to the major fluctuations in the crypto market.

Generally, an average transaction fee of cryptos in the market ranges between $0.15-0.25. However, Bitcoin & Ethereum have higher transaction fees comparatively.

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Here is a link that you can follow to check the latest withdrawal and other fees

Final Words

The withdrawal fees and transaction fees may change frequently. The above-mentioned charges are a general overview so it would be best to check the withdrawal and the other fees on’s official website.