Commodity Market Timing In India

Commodity market timings

The Multi-commodity Exchange of India Limited is referred to as MCX. As the first registered exchange in India, the MCX offers a comprehensive trading platform for commodity derivatives transactions including risk control, settlement, and clearing.

Depending upon which market you choose, the commodity market operates on a virtually 24-hour basis. Markets are usually closed on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

It is important to understand that the hours of work on the commodity market are much longer than on other markets. Therefore, several important aspects of commodity market timings are examined, and a list of commodity market holidays to understand the commodity market hours in India.

Commodities Market Hours

As for commodity market trading times, we will examine the actual trading times of the commodity markets and the list of holidays for trading and clearing.

The following table summarizes the normal market timings for commodities.

Derivatives trading will be conducted on the Commodity Derivatives segment of the exchange on all business days, Monday through Friday. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are not included in this schedule, as they are declared in advance by the Exchange and notified to its members. For the commodities derivatives segment, market timings are as follows:

  • Commodity Market Open Time: 09:00 hrs
  • Commodity Market Close Time: 23:30 hrs
Commodity CategoryCommodity Trade Start TimeCommodity Trade End Time
Agriculture Commodities10:00 A.M5:00 P.M
Non-Agriculture Commodities (During Summer)10:00 A.M11:30 P.M
Non-Agriculture Commodities (During Winter)10:00 A.M11:55 P.M
Cut-Off End Time/ Position Limit/ Collateral Value Setup 11:45 pm

Trading activities can be planned if online traders are aware of MCX holidays and timing. All types of investors across all states enjoy the same MCX holidays and timing.

However, these holidays differ from bank holidays. During an MCX holiday, investors cannot place a new order or close an existing one. As a result, it is advantageous to refer to the holiday list and trade timing.

Will The Market Be Closed On A Monday If The Holiday Falls On A Sunday?

In the absence of a public holiday, the preceding Monday is not considered a holiday. Trading will continue as scheduled.

How Profitable Is MCX Trading?

Short-selling is just as easy to profit from as long-selling in commodity trading. Short-selling is not subject to the same restrictions as stock trading.

A major advantage of investing is the ability to benefit from prices that are falling as well as those that are rising.

What Is The Potential For Long-term Investment In MCX?

In the long run, high earnings visibility and the lack of competition in the bullion and energy futures markets make MCX a sound investment; however, high valuations may limit upside in the near term. The stock can therefore be held by investors.

What Is The Role Of A Commodity Trader?

Commodity traders invest in physical commodities such as oil, gold, or agricultural products. It is common for the day-to-day buying and selling of commodities to be influenced by economic trends or arbitrage opportunities on the commodity markets.