How To Cancel Midjourney Subscription

Are you figuring out a way to cancel your subscription with Midjourney? Midjourney is a great example of generative AI in action since it generates visuals based on text inputs.

It has grown to be one of the most widely used tools for making AI-generated graphics. You can subscribe to their plans to get access to more premium features and become part of the members’ community.

If you are trying to find a way to cancel your Midjourney subscription but are unable to do so, do not worry.

This article will help you guide through how to cancel your Midjourney subscription successfully.

How To Cancel Midjourney Subscription?

cancel your midjourney subscription through discord 1

The Midjourney policy allows you to cancel your subscription at any moment. However, it will be effective only from the end of the current billing cycle.

If you do cancel and then change your mind you can undo your cancellation before the end of the billing cycle.

Follow these steps to cancel your subscription plan on Midjourney:

  • Open the discord app and then go to the discord server of Midjourney.
  • Click on the Newcomers channel on the left side under the Midjourney server.
  • Type “/subscribe” in the message box and then press enter.
  • The bot will respond with a link. Click on it.
  • You will be able to see the available list of plans and your current plans as well.
  • Click on the Manage button beside Plan Details. An option to cancel the plan will appear.
  • Click on the Cancel Plan button to cancel your subscription to Midjourney.
how to cancel midjourney subscription plan

You should now be able to cancel your subscription plan with Midjourney successfully.