How to Cancel DoorDash Pass?

cancel DoorDash pass

Doordash is an online meal order and delivery service based in the United States that allows you to get your loved meal at home from the finest nearby restaurant. With a 60 percent market share in fast delivery, it is the leading food delivery firm in the United States.

DoorDash’s DashPass is a paid membership service that includes delivery on all orders of $12 or more free of cost. If you place orders for yourself daily, this monthly subscription can save you money.

But, if you only use it sometimes, it may not be worth your money. You can cancel the subscription if you feel so.  

How to Cancel DoorDash Pass?

Cancel Your DoorDash Pass Via Mobile App 

Presently, almost everyone owns a smartphone, and canceling a Doordash pass via the app is simple. You must follow the steps outlined below to accomplish this.

Steps to Cancel Your DoorDash Pass Via Mobile App:

  • Open DoorDash app on your smartphone.
  • Login with your credential on DoorDash App.
  • Now, in the top left corner, press on the account symbol.
  • Scroll down and select Manage DashPass from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “End Subscription” from the drop-down menu.
  • Confirm the cancellation of the subscription.

These simple actions will allow you to cancel your Doordash pass. If you’re only ordering meals for yourself in a short period, you might want to cancel it.

Cancel DoorDash Pass Using Website

Steps to Cancel DoorDash Pass Using Website:

  • Visit DoorDash’s official website
  • Then, in the top left corner, click the menu symbol.
  • Select “Manage DashPass” on the next screen.  
  • Select “End Subscription” from the drop-down menu.
  • To end the subscription, provide one last confirmation.

Simply follow these steps to cancel your Doordash pass on your laptop. This strategy can be quite useful for those who might not have access to a smartphone.

Using Live Chat, You Can Cancel Your Doordash Pass

If you need to cancel your Doordash pass, live chat assistance is a great alternative. To do so, you must first log into your account.

Visit this link- and click the ‘Live chat’ button in the right corner at the bottom. Start the chat by filling in all of the essential information, and then cancel the membership.

How To Cancel DoorDash Pass without Being Log In?  

If you decide to remove your Doordash pass without logging into your account, consider one of the two other options listed below. These options are faster and simpler.

Cancel DoorDash Pass By Calling DoorDash Company  

You can cancel your Doordash pass by calling the company. This is an old technique but works now also. You can do this by calling (855) 973-1040 and requesting to cancel your Doordash pass while providing all relevant account information.

You can also test alternative numbers by going to the DoorDash Support website if this one doesn’t help.

Cancel DoorDash Pass Via Email

Another great option to cancel a membership without login into a Doordash account is to send an email to Customer Support.

To do so, go to the Doordash official site and look up the Customer Support email address, then contact them and ask them to cancel your subscription by providing your account information.

You can also cancel your subscription by sending an email to with your account information.

Is It Easy To Cancel a DoorDash Pass?  

It’s simple to cancel a DoorDash pass. Whenever you need you will be able to cancel the Doordash pass through the app or website.

In Doordash the subscription gets renewed automatically monthly. Thus if you want to cancel you have to cancel before the next renewal. 

How To Cancel DoorDash Pass Free Trial?  

 Yes, it is possible. Doordash offers a 30-day free trial. The subscription will instantly renew as a regular subscription when the thirty-day free trial term has ended.

You can easily cancel the service before the trial ends if you don’t want to be paid.

DoorDash Pass Refund 

If you cancel your DashPass subscription within 48 hours of purchasing it, or within 30 days of buying a yearly membership, you will receive a refund.

From the DoorDash app or website, you can cancel your DashPass subscription at any time. You must cancel DashPass at least one day before your next renewal date to avoid further costs.

How long does it take for DoorDash to Issue a Refund?

The bank may take five to seven business days to process your DoorDash refund request. Refunds from DoorDash are issued instantly, but they may be delayed at the bank. Your bank’s processing period will determine how quickly you receive your return.

Payments on your bank statement may still show up as pending, and it might require up to three days for them to be deleted. Pending charges haven’t been cleared yet, which means money hasn’t been taken out of your account.

On your bank statement, refunds will show as a negative charge. Partially refunded orders will still appear on your account as charges, but for a lower amount than the order’s original cost.

Account credits, on the other hand, are immediately available in your account and will be applied to your next order simply.


DoorDash is one of the most popular delivery apps because of its efficient and dependable customer care.  This makes it simple for users to get refunds or even cancel passes or orders if any problem occurs.