How To Bypass Chegg Paywall is a website that will let you rent or buy books.

The idea of renting or buying college books online is a great idea. It allows students to save money on books to use for other things. 

Chegg gives you access to an online library that is useful if you are doing research for your assignments.

However, Chegg uses a paywall to block content to users who have not purchased the annual subscription after completing the 3o days trial.

This issue puts off learners using Chegg to complete their assignments because it prevents them from using the service. 

This blog will deal with the issue of how to bypass the Chegg paywall and how to fix it.

What Is The Bypass Chegg Paywall?

The Chegg paywall is a page that prevents users and limits access to the materials and contents without purchasing the subscription plan. 

If you are a student, you can retrieve the answer to the questions, but Chegg blur it, and you cannot access the answers unless you pay for the Chegg plan.

How To Bypass The Chegg Paywall?

How to Chegg bypass error

Nowadays, getting free access to the answers is difficult. A few months ago, people used the page’s Chegg Unblur extensions and Inspect element option to unblur the answers. 

However, these options are not available, Chegg has updated the fix, and the extension is no longer working.

Let’s see other available options to Bypass Chegg Paywall

1. Check With Your Local Library

 As a student, it is not affordable to pay for a subscription, and it is not profitable if you want to read short articles.

Alternatively, you can check with the local library whether they have the paid plan. 

There might be a higher chance that they have enabled the subscription plan since it is the most popular website among students.

If they have one, you can use the library and their login information to access chegg.

2. Using VPN Or Proxy Servers

VPN and proxy servers are one of the easiest methods to Bypass Chegg to view answers.

All you need to do is Download the VPN application, change your IP address and location to other countries and try accessing Chegg.

However, you need to check the countries on by one. It works well in some countries like India and Pakistan.

3. Change The Chegg URL

You can bypass Chegg by using the following URL. However, it works only for a few questions, and you can still get some benefits.

Before accessing below url make sure you are logged into the Chegg website.

Note: Most free options, such as Insect element, chrome Chegg unblur extension, and, no longer work with Chegg. It would be best to pay for subscriptions to enjoy chegg answers or a free trial. The one convenient feature of Chegg is you can cancel your subscription plan anytime.

4. Places Where You Can Free Chegg Answers

1. Use The Chegg Reddit Forum

You can use Chegg Reddit forums to get answers to questions.

More than 4000 active members provide information and answers to your questions.

Post your question on the Reddit chegg answer group; someone will answer your question.

However, waiting a few hours to get answers would be best. 

Where you can also get an active Chegg bot link on Discord or telegram to access questions to your answers.

2. Searching On The Web

You can get free Chegg answers by searching on the web.

Type your question + Chegg answers on the Google search bar to get the list of Chegg answers.

However, you will get multiple answers and need to summarize them for homework.

Luckily, most answers are true and trustworthy based on study and research.

3. Free Answers Using AI Tools

You can get free answers for your topic through AI tools such as Chat GBT, Peppertype.AI and more.

Where you will get the exact answer to your questions, you don’t need to spend more time searching the web.

Asking your Question on Chat GBT or Peppertype will give you in-depth answers, which works well. You can also try these tools.

Here is the Link to ChatGBT:


However, you can find a lot of AI tools online if you search for a free AI tool for questions and Answers.

5.Using Free Promo Codes On Chegg

You can get free access by using free trial promo codes. You can get the codes from influencers promoting on other social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Follow them on the social media platform and stay tuned; you will know if there are any free offers on Chegg.

Otherwise, do subscribe to the plan and get access to the answers.

 If it is not affordable, buy it with friends and enjoy using it. 

I hope you find this article useful and that now you know how to bypass the Chegg Paywall in different ways.