BeReal Ambassador Program

BeReal Ambessdor

Are you passionate about body confidence and want to volunteer your time to help BeReal create a body confident nation?

BeReal are looking for people from across the countries to join their campaign and help them tackle negative attitudes towards body image.

As a Be Real Ambassador you would act as a positive voice for our campaign, champion BeReal work and resources and make connections with individuals, organisations, schools and businesses to increase support for our campaign.

Applications are open to people from all walks of life and all ages, ethnicities, genders and abilities are welcome.

BeReal especially interested to hear from underrepresented groups, such as those with disabilities, the LGBT+ and BME communities, as these tend to be less represented in main stream campaigns and advertising and BeReal want to change this!

BeReal Ambassador Program Role Description

According to one of their volunteer role description,


BeReal Ambassador

Brief Overview of the position:

To act as a positive voice for the Be Real Campaign, championing our work and resources and make connections with individuals, organisations, schools and businesses to encourage support for our campaign. 

Brief overview of the roles available within this position:

  • Promote the Be Real Campaign’s work and resources (this includes promoting our research, social media campaigns, events and more)
  • Act as a Be Real spokesperson in the media (when appropriate)
  • Take part in research projects (where appropriate)
  • Identify and lead at least 1x activity per year to promote healthy body image
  • Make connections with organisations, schools and businesses to encourage use of our resources (the Body Image Pledge / the Body Confidence Campaign Toolkit for Schools)
  • Attend events to promote and/or fundraise
  • Help organise and support our events
  • Speak with community groups to endorse the work we do and the resources we provide
  • Encourage others (especially young people) to become ambassadors for our campaign

You would ideally have the following skills :

  • Real passion for body confidence
  • Good communication skills
  • Reliability and trustworthiness
  • Presentation skills
  • The ability to work as part of the team

Mandatory Training:

Ambassador Introduction

Suggested time commitment: 

As and when required, to be agreed with the volunteer

If you have any questions regarding BeReal Ambassador Program, You can email BeReal at [email protected]

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