AssetMantle $MNTL Airdrop: Claim Free MNTL Token

AssetMantle MNTL Airdrop

If you love NFTs, you are going to love AssetMantle. This exciting project is tipping to be the shop stop for NFTs and it aims to unite creators and collectors of NFT.

You can build your custom store for selling NFTs, or you can just shop for the one you want. Consider this as the upcoming Amazon or Shopify for NFTs.

To reward the creators and users on the platform, AssetMantle has a robust strategy for its Airdrop. Read on to know more. 

How To Participate And Earn From $MNTL Stakedrop?

Eligibility for the Stakedrop

The platform aims to make as many stakers to be benefited from this Stake Drop. If you have tokens staked across these networks you would be eligible – Terra, Cosmos, Persistence, Juno, Stargaze, and Comdex.

If you have native tokens that have been staked on the above network during the campaign of the Stakedrop on any validator that is active, is eligible. 

How To Stake MNTL Tokens?

As you read above, staking tokens is the first step towards being eligible for the MNTL airdrop. Here’s how to do it:

Steps to Stake MNTL Tokens:

Step 1: Get the native tokens from any of the networks mentioned above 

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Step 2: Place your tokens in a non-custodial wallet (for example, Ledger, Kepler). If they are not yet present there, do the needed transfers

Step 3: Use an active validator to stake the tokens. 

AssetMantle is airdropping a total of 9,000,000 MNTL to ATOM, XPRT, LUNA, CMDX, JUNO & STARS stakers. Note that you will not be eligible if the staking of the tokens is done via centralized exchanges.

Performing Magic Transaction For StakeDrop

Once users have staked their tokens, they need to perform something called a ‘Magic Transaction’. It involves sending a minimal amount to a specific address that is mentioned in the guide of the magic transaction.

This confirms the participation of the user in the StakeDrop campaign. Note that the amount in the magic transaction will be refunded. 

This is similar to how credit cards/debit cards are authenticated by deducting a small amount and users have to specify the exact amount that has been cut. 

To perform the Magic Transaction: 

Calculation And Claim Of The MNTL Tokens

After 24 hours of the launch of the campaign, users can calculate rewards on the MNTL Stakedrop. They would get their tokens in the first week of April 2022. Out of the total rewards, 60% of them are unlocked. To claim the remaining 40%, users have to successfully participate in quizzes. 

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What Is The Daily Quiz In AssetMantle?

The quiz has 3 questions/day and runs for a total of 6 days, so therefore a total of 18 questions are asked. The rewards are unlocked based on the total number of correct answers.

The more correct answers, the higher the rewards unlocked. The quizzes will begin 24 hours after the launch of a campaign. 

Schedule For The StakeDrop 

ATOM: 03/15 12:00 UTC to 03/22 12:00 UTC
XPRT: 03/18 12:00 UTC to 03/25 12:00 UTC
LUNA: 03/22 12:00 UTC to 03/29 12:00 UTC
CMDX: 03/25 12:00 UTC to 04/01 12:00 UTC
JUNø: 03/29 12:00 UTC to 04/05 12:00 UTC
STARS: 04/01 12:00 UTC to 04/08 12:00 UTC

How To Claim AssetMantle MNTL Airdrop?

So, if you feel like you need to participate in this Drop (which you should), here are the simple steps below. 

Steps to Claim AssetMantle MNTL Airdrop:

Step 1: First read through the instructions on the campaign’s official page –

Step 2: Choose the network you want to participate in. As mentioned above, there are a total of 6 networks (Cosmos, Persistence, Terra, Comdex, Juno, and Stargaze)

Step 3: Connect your Keplr Wallet 

Step 4: Process the magic transaction when prompted to do so by sending the minimum amount of the native token to the mentioned Stakedrop Wallet address

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Step 5: Participate in the daily quiz and get your answers right in order to earn the rewards

Step 6: If you have staked with any of the active validators, then you are eligible to be a part of the Airdrop 

Step 7: Note the schedule for the Airdrop and this will vary according to the network you choose to participate in 

Step 8: As mentioned above, note that 60% of the rewards are provided initially and for the remaining, you need to participate in the daily quiz and get your answers right. 


These are the simple steps for participating in the prestigious MNTL token campaign. Participate and be a part of this most exciting NFT project.

If you wish to know even more about this campaign from the organizers themselves, go through the link here –

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