Ashish Kacholia: Portfolio, Investment Strategy

Ashish Kacholia is one of the most unconventional investors in India, who made it big. He is known for his belief in small and medium-scale companies. Know about his journey, investment strategy, and portfolio in this article.

Ashish Kacholia

Ashish Kacholia 

Ashish Kacholia, the founder of Lucky Investment Managers, is known to have invested more than 500 crores in the market. He is one of the biggest investors ever in the equity market of India.  His journey began at Prime Securities and from there, he moved to Edelweiss Capital before founding his equity broking company, Lucky Investment Managers. 

He is one of the sharpest investors ever, even among the top investors to have ever been in India. If you are inspired to invest, you can go through his journey and portfolio in more detail. This will help you identify insights into his investment, more clearly. 

Name Ashish Kacholia 
Education BE in production engineering from Mumbai UniversityMMS from Jamwal Bajaj Institute of management studies
Owns Hungama Digital 
Also Known As ‘Big Whale’
Spouse Sushmita Kacholia 

Ashish Kacholia Education Background

He has a BE in Production Engineering from Mumbai University. Following this, he completed his post-graduation from the Jamwal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies having completed his MMS course. He loves golf and takes a deep interest in wildlife, healthcare, and fitness. 

Ashish Kacholia Personal Life 

Ashish Kacholia is known for his absence from the media, or he avoids interviews and journalists. He says that his portfolio must speak for itself. He has recently built a reputation for being the “WizKid of stock markets”.

Ashish Kacholia Investment Strategy 

Ashish Kacholia’s name appears among the top investors in India. Going through his public appearances, he likes to keep his life private and invest and earn in silence. It was at Prime Securities that he began his journey in investment. 

In 2003, he founded “Lucky Securities” which deals with equity broking. In that company, he managed his own portfolio and obtained plenty of profits from it. The earnings from the stocks he invested in him crossed lakhs and crores in no time. Ashish believes a lot in the growth of small and medium-scale companies, thus a lot of stocks in his portfolio belonged to this industry. Ashish researches a lot about how the company functions, the financials, and the team running behind it in order to predict its performance in the future. If he identifies that the company is going off-track from its fundamentals, he immediately sells the stocks of that company. 

Ashish Kacholia’s Portfolio

Ashish Kacholia’s major investments are in Small Scale and Medium Scale Industries. Ashish Kacholia has mastered the art of seeing tomorrow. He keeps an eye on the horizon and his ears to the ground. When he senses a new trend coming, he is the first one to catch it. Ashish Kacholia was smart enough to realize that NAMO has emphasized self-reliant India in the defense sector. 

He sensed that Indian companies with supply technologies, parts, etc. of the defense sector would gain immensely. So, he aggressively bought those talks in those companies. Some of the biggest profits he made were in the stocks of Dynamatic technologies limited which is today valued at INR 2090.0 (at the time of writing). The 52-week high and low of the company is INR 2372 and INR 626.30 respectively, so imagine the profits one would have made when they bought stocks in the dip. Some of the insights you can derive from his portfolio are: 

  • Education is Important 

Ashish is one of the few investors who have strongly believed in companies of the education sector. He believes that education is one of the most demanded products/services in India, which has such a large youth population among other countries. His portfolio includes Aptech and NIIT. 

  • No Textile Sector

Another drastic difference of Ashish Kacholia’s portfolio to the others is that he does not have a single investment in the textiles sector. These sectors are cyclic, and it seems Ashish does not believe in these sectors. 

  • Finance Sector May Be the Backbone in the Future 

The finance industry is the backbone of the economy of the country. Although other investors have at least one finance company in the portfolio, Ashish thinks otherwise. The reason and thinking behind this is not clear, but according to how the market is going, the finance sector is still strong and will continue to play an important part in the economy. 

Stock Quantity of Stocks Held Holding Value in INRIndustry
Mastek Limited717,054187.7 CroresTechnology 
Vaibhav Global Limited 2,250,000172.1 CroresElectronic Retailer, Lifestyle Accessories 
Poly Medicure Limited1,600,000142.9 CroresMedical 
Birlasoft Limited3,250,000136.9 CroresIT Services
Apollo TriCoat Tubes Limited715,000112.8 CroresSteel Pipe and Tube 
* These stocks and their values can vary accordingly