Alexa App Not Showing Devices? Reasons &Troubleshooting Steps

Alexa is a Smart App that allows our homes to become Smart homes by controlling all the devices in our home.

After you have installed Alexa you do not manually need to operate any device as you can just give the commands to Alexa verbally and it will operate the device you want for you.

But you might be worried when your Alexa is unable to show you the devices in your home.

There is no need to get worried or stressed over it as it can be solved quite easily.

In this guide today we will be providing you with all the reasons why Alexa is not showing your devices and how to fix that problem.

Why Is The Alexa App Not Showing Devices?

There can be a many reasons why Alexa is not showing the devices such as:

  • Your devices might not be compatible with Alexa.
  • You may not be logged into your account correctly.
  • The skill of your device might not be enabled in Alexa.
  • Your Alexa account may not be linked with your account in the device’s manufacturer app.
  • The wifi connection might be different between your device and your Alexa App.
  • You don’t have stable internet connection.

How To Fix Alexa App Not Showing Devices?

If your Alexa app is not showing devices then you can take help of the below solutions to solve the issue.

1. Check Whether Alexa And The Device Are In The Same Wifi Connection

You have to make sure that your Alexa app and your smart device are both connected under the same wifi connection.

If they are both in different connections then they will not be able to connect and your Alexa app will not be able to show you the device.

2. Make Sure You Are Having Stable Internet Connection

If you are having weak or unstable internet connection then Alexa app will not load devices.

Make sure you are having stable internet connection.

You may want to try restarting your router or switching to a different internet connection to see if that resolves the issue.

3. Check The Compatibility Of Your Device

Before you start panicking why your device is not showing up in your Alexa app you have to check whether it is compatible with Alexa.

Not all devices are compatible with it and you need to make sure that your device is compatible for you to use it through Alexa.

4. Log In Again After Logging Out

You can try to log in into your Alexa account after logging out as sometimes there are certain glitches that occur which stops the app from working properly.

After you have logged out from your account and then connected again it should solve the issue.

5. Enable The Skill Of Your Smart Device

Some of the smart devices need the Skill to be enabled for it to get connected with the Alexa App.

You may have forgotten to enable the Skill and that’s why your Alexa app is not able to connect with it.

Make sure you enable the Skill of the device and it should automatically show up in your Alexa app.

6. Check Whether Your Alexa Account Is Linked With The Account In The Device Manufacturer’s App

Oftentimes you will have to link two accounts together for Alexa to work with another Smart device.

For example, you will need to link your Alexa device with the account that you have in the Device Manufacturer’s app.

After you are done linking the two accounts the device should show up in the Alexa app automatically.

7. Contact The Alexa Support Team

After you have tried and checked all the given solutions and still your Alexa app does not show your smart devices you can contact the support team of Alexa.

They will get back to you and solve the issue that you are facing as soon as they can.