What Does The White And Red Ribbon On TikTok Live Mean

What Does The White And Red Ribbon On TikTok Live Mean

TikTok has gained a lot of popularity in a very short period because of its Short video sharing feature.

The app is a super easy platform for users to showcase their talent, and it has become the number one place for social media influencers to promote their videos.

However, users might often get confused sometimes because of all the features on the app.

This blog will show you what the white and red ribbon on TikTok Live means.

Ribbon On TikTok Video Vs Ribbon On Tiktok Live

Let’s understand the difference between the Ribbon on TikTok video and Ribbon on TikTok Live.

The Ribbon on TikTok Video allows you to save your favourite TikTok videos. It looks like a Bookmark symbol.

The coloured Ribbon on TikTok Live represents the viewer engagement rank during TikTok Live. We can also call it a Badge. It comes in either red or white.

Let’s learn about the purpose of the ribbon icon on TikTok.

TikTok Red Ribbon Icon 1
Tiktok Live

The ribbon icon is nothing but the bookmark icon above the share symbol. You might have seen the “ribbon” icon while watching your favourite videos on TikTok. If you hit the ribbon button, it turns yellow, which means you have saved the video for later use.

You can also categorise your ribbon into separate folders. The file can be accessed whenever required without searching the entire feed.

The ribbon icon on TikTok is the most significant performance indicator for creators. The number of ribbon counts equals the number of saves. With an increase in ribbon count, the Titok algorithm increases content traffic.

What Does Ribbon On TikTok Live Mean?

TikTok live Performance matrics
Tiktok Live Performance Metrics

TikTok Live is a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone. You will be able to communicate with individuals from all around the world on topics that interest you, thanks to TikTok Live.

As you start your Tik Tok live, you can see white and red ribbon next to the viewers’ names.

These White and Red Ribbon on TikTok Live measure audience engagement levels during TikTok live.

TikTok Live also uses likes, comments, view time, messages, and gifts as performance metrics.

What Does The Red Ribbon On TikTok Live Mean?

TikTok Red Ribbon Icon
Red Ribbon On TikTok Live

TikTok live’s red ribbon signifies viewers’ high levels of participation. The values on Red Ribbon represent user ranks based on engagement rate.

During TikTok Live, the viewer rated first has the most interactions. He clearly has a lot of performance matrices.

What Does The White Ribbon On TikTok Live Mean?

The purpose of the white ribbon is opposite to that of the Red Ribbon.

People with little involvement in TikTok Live will receive a White ribbon. The performance matrix will be quite poor for these users.

That is all about the white and red ribbon on TikTok Live. I hope you found this article helpful and enjoyed reading it. Comment below to learn more about TikTok Live or other TikTok icons. We will gladly assist you. Thank you for taking the time to read.