What is Long Unwinding In Share Market?

Long Unwinding

Unwind usually refers to selling or offloading something. In the field of the stock market, the term is used for stock. The selling of stocks for a long period by an underlying asset is called long unwinding

The main reason behind the selling is the market risk. When the asset feels that the market is going to crash, he usually tries to get rid of the stock and finally sells it at the offered prices. 

What is Long Unwinding In Share Market?

Long Unwinding refers to when an underlying asset sells a stock for a longer period. Whether to gain profits or to avoid risks. 

Long Unwinding means to exit the long position from a stock or a derivative contract.

Uses Of Long Unwinding

There are many uses behind long unwinding, some are beneficial whether others are due to tackle the sudden loss in other stock or business. Some of the most common uses of long unwinding are mentioned below:

  • The most common use of the long unwinding is to ensure whether the stock is safe and remains for sale. Most brokers use this method when they have doubts about the future of any stock.
  • An investor sells or long unwinds the stocks when he holds a long position in that particular stock and selling it causes the same problem. 
  • If any broker performs an incorrect operation with the funds of any investor for attaining his profit and any error occurred, then he needs to long unwind the funds to recover the false operation and correct the error in the sailing and purchasing system. 
  • If a stockbroker auctions a stock of an investor but at that time the investor wanted to pursue the stock anywhere else, in that situation the broker is responsible and he has to long unwind the stock. 

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Advantages of Long Unwinding

There are several advantages of long unwinding, some of them are mentioned below: 

  • The trader or investor who knows how to unwind and has an idea of a market crash will attain a tremendous profit from the stock market. 
  • If a broker is in a dilemma due to market risks and wants to recover the loss. He uses the long unwinding process to tackle the loss and be stable again. 
  • The traders who bear a long position in the stock will come to know about the poor future of that stock, in that situation he uses long unwinding when the stock is in high value and if in the future the stock goes down, he will buy it again at lower prices. Hence he will attain a tremendous profit. 
  • To cure debts and excess interest of a loan, some businessmen can use the process with their stock in bad situations. 

Disadvantages of Long Unwinding

Everything has two aspects same with long unwinding, it has both advantages and disadvantages. You have read the advantages above and it’s time to read some disadvantages, these are given below: 

  • The short-positioned traders or investors may suffer from loss due to the long unwinding strategy used by long-positioned traders of the stock. 
  • A stockbroker will face a sudden loss if he performs a false operation with the stock.
  • In India, long unwinding is still a less familiar term and can cause serious concerns among the public. 
  • If any fraud related to long unwinding occurs, the stock market will crash resulting in insecurity among the public. All the traders or investors started to withdraw their money from stocks and the market crashed. 
  • As a result, the main effect is faced by the Indian economy and the growth rate went down. The same concern transpired during the Harshad Mehta scam. All the investors withdrew their money and India faced a loss of billions. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the effects of long unwinding to the known and unknown investor?

All over, the term long unwinding can be a game-changer who knows about performing a legal unwinding of the stock. Those will attain a good profit. While the investor has no idea about the process and operation will suffer from regret and financial loss. 

What are the outcomes of Long Unwinding with big stocks in countries like India?

In countries like India, when the long unwinding is performed with a popular stock, this causes loss to common investors. As a result, the situation of a stock crash and loss in the economy occurs.